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Williams confirm Toyota..... or vice versa

It's official, but no mention on if Williams are paying, or if they're free, or if they're almost free......

regardless, Williams are back with a manufacturer, which should help with sponsorship. :)


  • I doubt whether this will be the magic bullet for Williams. That once great team is now an also ran. Only if Williams decide to address its fundamental problems in its design department will be begin to see a turnaround.
  • The clock's definitely ticking. Those multi year blue chip sponsorship deals will end one by one, and on current form the team will struggle to replace like for like. With a major infrastructure to support, a team like Williams will find the slippery slope can be mighty steep.

    The engine isn't their problem, so why would a Toyota V8 help them much? And why would they be free?
  • I agree. It is all cyclical but I hope I'm wrong.

    I just keep thinking; Tyrrell, Lotus, ...

    Bottom line: Frank and Patrick are getting on and I'm not sure they realise how dull F1 has become in terms of aero conformity. They ran the revolution in the late 70s and now there is much less scope for innovation.

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  • The Cosworth wasn't a clunker. Williams problems will not be aleviated by a simple engine swap. Aero has been a stuggle for a few seasons, not to mention reliability.
  • am i the only one who thinks that a possible ass whipping of the toyota factory boys would be what could put williams back on the map?
  • Looks like it.;)
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