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2007 provisional calendar

Finally f...in'Imola is out of the calendar. 2005 and 2006 editions showed that on this track it is ABSOLUTELY impossible to surpass, even I with my punto could keep Raikkonen or MS behind simply because there is no way you can find the space to attack.

I'm sorry the races will be only 17 (even though probably it is the perfect number), and I'm sorry that Suzuka is out, it is a great track. Curious to see the Fuji, though!

And of course, it's great to welcome SPA again.


  • Ger, Murph and myself really got f'd on this year with Spa being pulled....bastards. However I disagree about Imola. How many OTHER tracks is it damn near impossible to pass on? Of those how many actually have elevation changes and a variety of corners etc etc not to mention character.

    No, Tilke still sucks.

    I am looking forward to Fuji - it has been many a moon since I even have thought about that track.
  • BTW - here is the list:

    Australia 18 March
    Malaysia 08 April
    Bahrain 15 April
    Spain 13 May
    Monaco 27 May
    Canada 10 June
    United States 17 June
    France 01 July
    United Kingdom 08 July
    Germany 22 July
    Hungary 05 August
    Turkey 26 August
    Italy 09 September
    Belgium 16 September
    China 30 September
    Japan 07 October
    Brazil 21 October
  • I can't see Imola not being reinstated - its Ferrari's home track ...... I think it will be on there next year....

    I really hope it is anyway!
  • I thought Suzuka was going to creep on as the Pacific GP ... don't bet on it not happening; Honda's pride is at stake. Fuji has good memories for Hunt fans! It is nowhere near as good as Suzuka though.

    re: Imola; yes, sad to see her go but it was inevitable + they buggered up Variante Alta. Italy and Germany can't expect two races a year any more than GB did back in the 70s and 80s.
  • Don't you think that the deletion from the calendar of one of the Germany GPs might be a hint that somebody KNOWS already that MS is going to retire (which, despite Mercedes, BMW, Heidfeld, ROsberg and Ralf will inevitably trigger a decrease in F1 interest in Krautland)?

    I agree that Imola will probably be reinstated.
    But what happened with the Mexico GP? Wasn't it supposed to be back in the new Cancun circuit from 2007?
  • hmmmm, I'm really goin to have to look at that Spa date next year.... I'm going to have to start working on the wife now.
  • I love Spa.

    Anyway, I think Imola will be back on, and I seriously hope Suzuka will be. I also love Suzuka (but not as much as Spa.)
  • I'm sure Germany is Schumi-related (if not next year, then 2008) but it is more to do with the fact the rival clubs (Nurburg and Hockenheim) are both in trouble.
  • schumi won't be around next year - according to mark...
  • provisional calendars have in the past turned out to be a way to pressure organisers to get their act together. just look at silverstone and spa.

    if mercedes and bmw or ferrari want two home grand prixs then i guess they'll get it
  • Nah, US market is far more important to those three companies (and Tony George knows it). Krauts buy patriotically anyway.

    Imola is a TOIT track in name only - Monza is the spiritual home.

    I would expect Honda to get Suzuka back on - anyone remember the Pacific GPs at Aida?!

    Ones to watch: India, SAfrica and Mexico.
  • i'm still not sure what's more important in F1, james must know this:

    getting advertising out to the crowds on the stands (on tv it doesn't really matter where the gp's anyway, except when it's at weird times in the morning) or being able to welcome important local clients in your hospitality area
  • Well, you've got to say that the Lunatics have finally taken over the asylum. Fuji in place of Suzuka? Another back hander for Bernie I presume.
    And why oh why is that piece of shit track Hungary still on the calender. One good race and 19 terrible ones sums it up!
  • yes, imola sucks, but I had some great time there:(
  • I agree with petrol on Hungary - no idea why it is on the calendar when there are way better tracks available.

    What happened to the two races in Spain to capitalize on the Alonso effect. I'd be up for a return to Estoril if it were upgraded (not Tilkefied) to current safety standards.

    I like Suzuka but Fuji will be a nice change IMHO.
  • Plebs in the stands hardly register on the radar. Corporate hospitality and 'presence' in a 'territory' are far more important.

    Merc, TOIT and BMW would far rather have two races in the US than one in their homelands.

    (the FIA GT championship recently held a race at Paul Ricard with NO paying punters ... for the very good reason there are no grandstands).

    Petrol, Fuji is owned by Toyota and Suzuka by Honda. I think Suzuka will muscle its way back on!

    Hungary is there for purely political reasons - which also explained its inclusion in 1986.
  • sucks about what they said about Turkey.
  • Yes, they were rather naughty with the 'official' who presented the trophy to Massa - the leader of 'Turkish Northern Cyprus', a 'government' only recognised by Turkey.

    Where's Greco when you need him? ...

    (Turkey won't lose the GP though)
  • did my dissertation on turkey, they're a funny bunch :D
  • Damn politics. Go to the best tracks, not the ones with the most hospitality tents. And Turkey is one of the best new tracks anywhere, if they lose their date because the FIA wasn't paying attention to who was GIVING OUT the trophy, that's pathetic.
  • I think things look bad for Turkey. Estoril lost their GP as a result of a minor infraction of the podium ceremony. What the Turks did was pretty bad!
  • Yes, but I think the FIA will fine them rather than remove one of the best circuits.

    Petrol, it was Jerez '97 where the Mayor muscled his way into the presentation; a memorable race for a few reasons!
  • I stand corrected!
  • I wonder about Imola - further to the grandprix.com article, there is this:


    news of a summit between Bernie and the Imola team pre-Monza and Autosport's comment that there is a gap of one month between Bahrain and Barca.

    BTW, in a shocking case of forward planning I am aiming for Sepang next year. The viges household will be touring Her Majesty's colonies of New South Wales and Malaya. Cocktails, anyone?
  • Viges, if you're NSW bound, drop on by to see some real motor racing - Formula Vee state titles ;) (might be Formula Ford yet, we'll see)
  • Originally posted by viges

    I would expect Honda to get Suzuka back on - anyone remember the Pacific GPs at Aida?!
    Here you go Viges!
    Ayrtons qualifying must have been a blinder
    Aida Circuit
    Course length: 3,702m

    1995 Results(Pacific GP, Oct.22)
    PP : D.Coulthard/Williams Renault(1'14"013)
    1st : M.Schumacher/Benetton Renault
    2nd : D.Coulthard/Williams Renault
    3rd : D.Hill/Williams Renault

    1994 Results(Pacific GP, April 17)
    PP : A.Senna/Williams Renault(1'10"218)
    1st : M.Schumacher/Benetton Ford
    2nd : G.Berger/Ferrari
    3rd : R.Barrichello/Jordan Hart

    Lap Records:
    Ayrton Senna/Williams Renault (1994)
    1'10"218 (189.797km/h)
    Michael Schumacher/Benetton Ford (1994)
    1'14"023 (180.041km/h)
  • Yes, a crap circuit if I remember.

    Brooksey; good luck with the FF - best support race at Albert Park. Speaking of which, am currently watching the V8s live from Sandown Park. Where is that? Great beasts. Best watched with a cold Carlton. Best saloon cars in the world (DTM don't count - they are wolves in sheeps clothing).
  • Sandown is in Melbourne, Victoria. About 30km out from the city centre I believe!

    Funnily enough, the plan is to next season race Fvee in the Victorian titles, and then jump into a FFord mid season to prep for 2008. I'm not sure how it will all work out yet, but i'll keep everyone here posted no doubt!
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