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MINARDI in GP2 in 2007!!!!

The news is on the official site, the Minardi Team by GP Racing bought the Piquet Sports (2nd this year!) and in 2007 will run on Gp2 and euro3000. The piquet team will go from Worminghall to Veggiano (Padova, Italy) with the euro 3000 team.

Forza Minardi.:cool:


  • The new name will be Minardi Team by Piquet Sports, and the classic livery will be on the car from the Le Castelet tests on 31 october.
    From minardiblog.com
  • Holy Moly! Talking to Alessandro (race engineer for the 3k Team) and GCM it looked as if it were to be '08!

  • well Emmo................

    we dreamed it....and it is happening......now lets start working on those Lottery numbers !!!

    Since Ger is coming stateside in 2007 for the USGP....it's up to you to head up Minardifest '07.......... ya gotta sell a lot of bikes plus pick your venue (I'm suggesting Spa for ya)....
  • Planning for Minardifest '07 starts NOW!

    Keep the ideas coming - we need a venue (preferably Italy) and a body count.

    I'm in.
  • I wish I could go, need to finish up school or go study abroad.
  • great news.
  • The Master has come back!!!

    Marvellous news - Piquet had a good season technically but also much depends on the driver in GP2 (more than F1).
  • Can't quiet believe it's happened so quickly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is great news, Minardi back in the GP paddock after only a year away very, very cool:cool:

    How can we get some more details of the deal? Inside line please Emmett

  • Now we're motoring! Fantastico! Perhaps som of the gainsayers might come on board now? Maybe not...

    Presumably Piquetsports had fulfilled it's raison d'etre by getting their man into F1, so they were looking to sell the entry.

    Now, down to business.... drivers? Rocha done enough? Does Rodriguez go to Campos, or graduate with Minardi? Cacares ought to be kicking himself.
  • WOW!

    I didn't care for Euro3000, but GP2 is fantastic news!
    This I can watch on TV!!!!

    So, did GCM buy the team or did GP Racing buy it?
    Will GPRacing continue to be a partner or does GCM split with them?
  • Wow!! Great news!

    What if PS also entered GP2 under the European Minardi name. That would be interesting.

  • So, did GCM buy the team or did GP Racing buy it?
    Will GPRacing continue to be a partner or does GCM split with them?
    GCM will be the Honorary President of the team

    [Edited on 3-10-0606 by Ger]
  • WOW!!!!!

    Happy days.

    Roll on next year.

    Whats the odds that Tuka Rocha will get one of the seats. Possibly Roldan Rodriguez in the other?
  • best news for a while!

    Forza Minardi!
  • I emailed the Team and , as could be expected, they are super busy and excited. They will get back to me with details as soon as the pace lessens!

    Remember, the weekend after this they will be racing at Vallelunga.

  • Brazilian media says "fusion", and that Piquet Sports would close due to NAP (Nelson Angelo Piquet, son of the 3 times champ) getting to F1, so a deal like that was the only choice viable.

    PS started in local F3, moved to england end then to GP2. Always on top, as they have a lot of money. So they probably had an excelent structure, etc. Wise, wise move by Minardi.
  • GREAT!
    Now we're BACK for real.

  • This is the best news I've heard in a long time.. especially after such a depressing period. Now in a matter of days, Schumi had the race of his life and Minardi is climbing back to the top.

    Count me in for Minardifest, though I'm not selling my bike for it.
  • Origineel gepost door Minardus

    I didn't care for Euro3000, but GP2 is fantastic news!
    This I can watch on TV!!!!
    Nothing to add!!!
  • :cool::cool::cool:

    Forza !!!!!!
  • Awesome!!!

    Plus PS couldnt come in with the european minardi as he gave GCM the rights to the Minardi name when he sold the team to red bull.
  • Bring back Tredozi!
  • Hello again ;)

    This is excellent news. The Minardi name stuck around in F3000 until near the bitter end (David Saelens was a name I remember, now he's popped around in Porsche Supercup this season), but now GP2 is the kickass series the F1 tour needed (it's a bit like the 125cc class to MotoGP, in that the racing is more exciting), the return of the Minardi name is ace on toast!

    I've still watched F1 this season of course, supporting the Renault team as they have a jovial spirit and the former Minardi drivers are shining nicely (well, one more than the other admittedly, but Fisi has won a race this season, don't forget!). I *really* want them to spoil the Schumacher party, but this is me rambling now.

    Welcome back Minardi :)
  • GP2 testing times for the Minardi Team boys from today
    1. Antonio Pizzonia FMS International 1:13.927 42
    17. Roldan Rodriguez Campos Racing 1:15.405 33

    1. Andreas Zuber iSport International 1:13.763 24
    22. Roldan Rodriguez Campos Racing 1:15.785 40
    23. Tuka Rocha Piquet Sports 1:16.416 55
  • I thought the first test was on october 31st?

    btw, good to see the news brought so many people back...
  • Great news. I lost touch this season because I couldn't see anything, but this brings wonderful opportunities.
  • The October 31th test will have the Minardi Piquet team, yes.

    This week's test didn't!
  • Well well, go away for a short while and look what happens... Great news for the team.

    I just hope I can get some coverage in Australia to watch them in the races (anyone know if it shows on FoxSports or ESPN in OZ???)

    The best news I've seen for a long time. :)
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