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The slowest Williams 0.8 seconds quicker than the fastest Toyota. Who told you so?


  • poor Mark more like it - taken out by his teammate pulling a dumb move for the second time this year.

    young Rosberg showed a real turn of speed in those first two races and then, frankly, Webber has schooled him for the most part.

    Back onto Williams, it appears from Brazil onwards Patrick Head is back as head guy on the prat perch which is long overdue.

    Both Williams and both Toyotas out within 10 laps, doesn't bode well for the link up next year.
  • Like I said Rosberg was never a great choice. He's committing the same race errors that he was committing at the beginning of the season. Taking out one's teammate is an error that Sir Frank? Patrick Head consider unforgiveable.
    Yes Michael was no longer on the pitwall, unless he was ill, things don't look good for him. Williams have made changes on the technical side, but none of their appointees would be considered top notch tech staff. Anyway they could do no worse than this season.
  • Could do no worse than this season? Wait til the money starts to dry up, then we'll see how bad things can get.
  • Oh dear, I was trying to be positive..
  • And oh how you are loved for it.

    It's true though, that listing the points which form the basis on which Williams might build a recovery next year would result in one having fewer fingers at the completion of the exercise than at the beginning.
  • In relation to Rosberg, Planet-f1 said it best...

    Williams, Double DNF
    Nico Rosberg started the season so well and he ended it with his confidence shot. Slamming into your team-mate on the opening lap because you missed your braking point is a poor excuse.

    Rosberg threw away a golden opportunity to score points in Canada and he will have endeared himself to no-one in the Williams team on Sunday. From the evidence of the Ferrari performance Bridgestone tyres were doing well at Interlagos, yet neither the Toyotas nor the Williams got to use many sets in the race.
  • plus they totally vindicated button, totally vindicated mario, and made BMW look good.

    However the team does generate 35 million a year in profits.
  • Lets hope Williams wake up from this nightmare. With Wurz and Rosberg, I doubt it.
  • anyone heard anything new about the goings on in the Williams garages?
  • Is this a Jesus thing?
  • Marvellous.
  • Also, Aguri-Faster than Honda. How long is this customer chassis / engine scheme going to last after the independents blow past the manufacturers? Very embarrassing!!! Poor Spyker, almost 4 secs off pace. Long road ahead. EJ like chassis needs to be put to rest.
  • Lets till after Qualifying before we pass judgement on the Williams Toyo debate. Its worth noting that Melbourne is never a good guide to from.
    BTW lets hope that Spyker laumch their appeal to the stewards after quali and not adopt a cynical approach of only appealing if the customer teams beat them.
  • Final Quali and Toyota are not that bad. Best to ignore the opinions of the journos. They simply repeat an incorrect opinion in the hope its right. Yes Toyo are making slow progress but they are comfortably ahead of Honda and Williams. Williams look like they have last years poor chassis with better reliabilty.
    Red Bull remain a mystery. Is their position due to the fact that Albert Park is a low grip circuit? BMW what can you say? A very, very good effort. Super Aguri better contact their lawyers.
  • Well done to Lewis and Heidfeld, great efforts.

    Yes, Aguri is too good!

    Spyker looked custard in the corners or was that just high wind?
  • Yes indeed. The Spyker looked awful. Does anyone know if its the EJ13 in a thin disguise?
  • Nick Heidfeld, 2007 WDC!

    The Jorlandyker looks a bit EJ15esque, don't it Petrol?
  • Oh yes!! BTW have you seen or heard from the Quigmeister recentlty.
    Macca may have just cracked it as well. To have a rookie sticking it on P4 says a lot about the cars driveability!
  • He's supposed to be a pretty good rookie though. I'm not convinced that they have a car advantage over the red ones.

    Quig spends his time on the MCSF forums now. I don't know how much he'll be posting once all of the racing starts, though.
  • Well from the race result Macca don't have an advatage over TOIT. Race was dull, dull, dull. Looks like being a long season fro anyone not sponsored by Malboro. What was Coulthard thinking, attempting a pass from that far back. Time for Ralf to be given his marching orders as well, falling asleep and letting Rosberg put a pass on him from a mile back!
    PS Hamilton has spent too much time with Ron. We now have two people fluent in Ronspeak!
  • But he'll never master it as Ron has!

    Let's count up the points boys. Williams 2 - Toyota 1. I love it.

  • Race was dull, dull, dull.
    good I didn't stay up then ;-)
  • Well it was not as simple as that. Both Toyos finished in the top 10 and if that excuse for ballast Schumacher had been looking in his mirrors he would have beaten Rosberg as well.
    In any event the real picture will be revealed in Sepang. The first test on a really demanding circuit.
  • At least Williams were reliable.
  • I am personally kind of happy about Williams performance. ...and it is nice that they are looking more reliable than last year
  • need I add another "see? see? see?"
  • Meanwhile in Japan

  • Too bad Willaims can't make the mechanical problems STOP! I was liking Nico an dAlex moving up through the ranks and getting some competition at the front.
  • Rosberg is simply too hard on the car. Williams reliable level of prformance is where Wurz is.
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