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Minardi in Champcar ??



  • btw... damn... Quig got fooled by an Italian twice :D:D:D:D:P
  • Geez thought you would have known about this RJ fantasyliveriesimage

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  • How did I get fooled?
  • You believe in dreams!:P
  • Thats enlightening Minardus. RJ - do you have any equally fascinating input as to how I was fooled?
  • nah not really, I just jumped Minardus' bandwagon :D

    Leaving your message received from Emanuele in April aside for a few moments: if you have a look at the pictures on Minardiblog.com you won't find pics of GCM in team wear. If you get a picture of him, he seems to be there for moral support, in jeans, signing autographs or patting people on the back. All good and well but it leads me to conclude that James is right and that this is mainly his son's gig.
  • Yes it is - he is one of the partners/investors of GP Racing. However here is another quote from Salvo's fantastic interview with Giovannni Minardi that you and all may find interesting:

    QHow did the idea for him to join your organization come to be?

    A”It was an idea of mine. Dad needed a push. This sport is life for him. I asked him to join the team. At first he was not sure, but then when he did join it was a nice thing”.

    So his position may not be the same as it was in the F1 Minardi but he is still a "member" of the Team.

    Let me ask you another question. How much of the Team did he own when Rumi was involved? How about with PS? We all called it "Minardi" then did we not?
  • We're dancing on a pinhead here but, what the Hell, its November ...

    a) we will all cheer on Minardi in GP2, I'm sure.

    b) GCM, in some guise, ran the F1 team day-to-day until Stoddie arrived.

    c) I think, for me, 'Minardi' meant the people and heritage of Faenza as much as GCM. I think it did for him too, by the way.

    d) Negrao was pretty poor in GP2 this year - these cars are all about set-up and Piquet was the one who had it sorted. One rookie and one backmarker for 2007 is not a great mix + the team is relocating.

    Forza Minardi!
  • I think it is a big step taking on GP2. When we talked to the Team post Monza they felt 2008 was their best bet due to the new reg's for GP2 starting that season. However the opportunity to acquire a winning outfit's assests and personel was to hard to pass up.

    Either way it will be fun to watch and be a part of.
  • The team will have a hell of a lot of work to do, that's for sure. But we don't like things easy, do we? Look what happened when the team actually won - an orgy of infighting. Let's look forward to a year of slagging off Negrao, and bemoaning our luck.
  • It looks like it is now official. One press report that is saying that the deal is done. Minardi in Champcars.
  • Looking good, top level racing again
  • Originally posted by DoubleD
    Minardi in Champcars.
    Paul Stoddart in Champ cars to be completely accurate.
  • Well, Minardi in GP2 AND Champcar. This will be an eclectic little place, won't it?

    Anyone remember when there was a Minardi racing yacht as well?

    If I was Mr. Minardi, I would feel quite warm and fuzzy that folks wanted to keep my name in the racing world.

    By, the by, I'll bet a clap of thunder against a goose's fart that Ozjet won't be seen on the champcar anyplace.

  • Nov.9 (GMM) Should Paul Stoddart set up his Champ Car team for 2007, the former F1 principal will call it 'Minardi', according to reports.

    The Dutch magazine Formule 1 RaceReport says that although original team founder Gian Carlo Minardi is also taking the name to the GP2 series next year, Stoddart actually owns the word 'Minardi' for use with non-Italian based racing teams.

    Former Minardi F1 drivers, meanwhile - including Jos Verstappen - are being linked with Stoddart's potential Champ Car squad, as is ex-Toyota test driver Ryan Briscoe.

    "There are quite a few of my ex-drivers getting around and there's always new talent," Stoddart said.

  • Well that was a long thread to read... I can't see why PS would use the name either, but I know he has the rights to do so.

    Love the Ozjet cars though, they look great!!!
  • There was a greyhound in the UK called Minardi.

    And, yes, the rabbit always won.
  • the minardi race horse won a few things
  • Heres my words on this....

    If GCM spashed some holy water and blessed the cars, would that make everyone happy?

    Go and take a BEX and lie down.

    P.S. Maybe they could move the team to Faenza when STR move out, and keep a few more of you happy?

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  • I think that if that smashed up v8 has a dead guy in it the picture should be taken off.
  • image

    This one too.

    Dead folks everywhere
  • So it's likely that Stoddart will actually take part in ChampCar !! I find that great news. Whether he will name the team Minardi isn't that important to me. I think I would like it.... :)
    I also like the fact that an ex-Minardi driver is expected to race for the team. Verstappen is named as a possibility, but I really can't believe it will be him.
  • Quig, die so you can roll over in your grave. ;)

    Looks like a few Italian tall stories have been spun over the vino.
  • What on earth are you going on about?
  • So, who are the Team (with a capital T) ?

    -The people at Faenza?
    -The GP Racing people? (all 5 of them :P)
    -The Piquet sports people?

    For me it's Faenza!

    to RJ: could this be made into a poll on the frontpage?
  • PS - "I'd like to be able to announce it in Mexico City this weekend."

  • From the Champ Cars site:

    INDIANAPOLIS (December 18, 2006) - The lights were turned up even higher on what is already a bright future for the Champ Car World Series Monday when Paul Stoddart announced that he had purchased a controlling interest in the Indianapolis-based CTE Racing - HVM Champ Car team.

    Stoddart comes to the U.S.-based Champ Car World Series after five seasons as the owner of the Minardi Formula 1 team, which enjoyed a 21-year F1 run from 1985-2005. The Australian-born Stoddart will run a multi-car Champ Car team, along with current CTE Racing - HVM owner Keith Wiggins, from the team's existing headquarters on Indianapolis' fabled Gasoline Alley.

    "After taking a year off from motor racing following the sale of Minardi, we've had a chance to consider our options and examine how we might want to be involved with the sport in the future," says Stoddart. "After a lot of deliberation, we've come to the conclusion that Champ Car, with its blend of highly competitive, cost-effective racing and relatively level 'playing field', offers easily the best way forward."

    "This is an exciting progression for our company, which will allow us to take it to the next level" added Wiggins. "It puts together all the elements we have established at HVM, continues the progress with the CTE program and adds the resources and talent that Minardi brings. The chemistry between Paul and I is extremely good and I am looking forward to the stable long-term future."

    The newly-christened Minardi Team USA is coming off of a resurgent campaign in 2006 in which Nelson Philippe finish third in the series points, a high-water mark for the team even dating back to its years as Bettenhausen Racing. The announcement comes two days before the team, along with the rest of the Champ Car World Series, will take delivery of their first Panoz DP01 Champ Cars.

    "The addition of an owner with a proven racing background like Paul Stoddart only strengthens the series," said Champ Car President Steve Johnson. "Combining his experience and resources with a team that showed last year that it can win races, provides even more reason to be excited about Champ Car's future."

    Information concerning the formation of Minardi Team USA, including drivers and sponsors, will be released in the coming weeks as the team prepares for the first open test of the 2007 season, which takes place January 23-25 in Sebring, Florida.

    So Minardi Team USA is the name, minardiusa.com and minarditeam.com already exists for MCSF an Minardi's F3000/GP2 team, hope the US guys don't have a fight on their hands for the url as cleary they have had it longer and I'm quite biased on them, keeping it.
  • quig could get some money out of this :D
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