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The ProDrive situation is begining to become very interesting on many different levels. I am interested in what the back up plans are if PD is not allowed to purchase a car from an existing manufacturer. Are they capable of building a car from scratch on an $80 Million budget? But if their original plan was too only purchase why then did the FIA pick them over other entrants who already had chassis or would be willing to build from scratch. Also I am sure that other entrants could have met the $80 Million hurdle. How is this for a scenerio. PD has to purchase the PS04 to make the grid in March of 08 just like Aguri went out an purchased the 03 Arrows. You have to believe the PS is following this very very closely.


  • I told you that 2008 line up was far from secure. If Williams can get its act together next year, it'll be bye bye ToyotaF1 as well!
  • RJ I'm willing to bet that Williams will be no where near Toyota next year. They'll struggle again. As bad as Tojo were they're in the promised land compared to Williams.
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