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Caption Comp


It's 1939 all over again for Kubica.


  • Well then about the baldness, do what another sporting great has done when his team are not where they expected to be, be a pooftah and get hair treatment!



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  • I'm afraid he has already caught it and stopped it's advance.

    MS in 1996:

  • Caption Comp: (Schumi ignores Ross Braun as he overhears Chris Dyer talking in the background) 'So he's about to win his 7th World Championship, he's only 26, he's italian, he's got a full head of hair and he's never struggled in a arm wrestling contest against Heinz-Harold Frentzen? When can he start?'

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  • Ross Brawn finds the idea of raising more money for FIAT by selling advertising space on Schumacher's forehead.
  • MW: So DC is this year gonna be your year?
  • Is it right that we are beaten by our b-team?
  • you see, the moment you signed, Mateschitz got your soul and is hiding it in that bottle over there
  • Mark: You see that short guy over there? That's Giancarlo Minardi. And the elve-like men trailing after him? Believe it or not, members of the Minardi Club of San Francisco.
  • Mark: See those two chicks over there? You put the moves on the supermodel, and i'll have a crack at the one that looks like my mum.... how does that grab you?
  • MW: See there. Alonso's lost his temper again. Why hasn't he been banned yet?
  • Webbo (thinks): Damn these caption competitions, I just can't think of anything funny to say. I'll point instead. Yeah, point.
  • I think all three of mine are bloody good. I expected more kudos....

    work harder, Simon. ;)
  • hehe, P1, I'm trying to stay a neutral observer here :D:D:D
  • DC: So when you asked frank about the option...

    Webber: He just pointed at the door.
  • MW: Holy Shit DC Look someone's actually bought some of your aftershave!!!!
  • Originally posted by MinardiP1
    I think all three of mine are bloody good. I expected more kudos....

    work harder, Simon. ;)
    *applauds for P1*
  • "Retirementhome?.... that way.."

  • MW: Look at the monitor DC, man you make me look young!
  • MW: You're not on the list ?!?!?

    David Coulthard, Britain’s most successful F1 driver of all time (well, points-wise at least), is a surprise ommission from the list of the most powerful Brits in F1, published in the latest edition of Autosport magazine.

    The criteria of the list, which includes everybody from Bernie Ecclestone down to Lewis Hamilton, is not clear, but Coulthard’s non-appearance is something of a mystery.

    A source close to David said: "It's a bit much when his manager appears on the list and not him."

    He went on: "We're not complaining or anything, but DC has the finest range of men’s toiletries and shaving products for sale in F1 – surely this deserves some sort of recognition?"
  • Funeral faces reflect the soul of the team
  • F1 is hairy business.
  • The finalists in the 2007 Petronas Dodgy Hairdo Cup have been announced today. Hot favourite Nick "Hedge backwards" Heidfeld is said to be confident in taking over the crown from last years winning entrant Jacques "Trying to look younger" Villeneuve.

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  • Mario: Okay boys, give a big German smile for the cameras!
  • Who says F1 lacks personalities?
  • now mam, could you identify which of these men was responsible for crashing your car
  • notice the bmw logo is wrong on the drivers overalls !
  • indeed, wow that's what you get when you get those badges made in Taiwan hehehe
  • BMW Logo

    That is great! $300 Million car. Wrong Logo. Details details details.
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