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Merry Xmas

Yes I know I'm getting in early but the bushfires in Victoria at the moment are taking me away from the internet for a while, as I'm heading to my brother's place in Gippsland to help him out.

So with that said, I'd like to wish you and yours all the best for the holidays season, and look forward to catching up with everbody next year.



  • Thanks OZ - the same to you and yours.
  • Good luck there Oz.
  • Merry Christmas Oz.

    ..and good luck with those fires.

    Brings back memories for me of Longwood Fires (Royal Commission), Ash Wednesday (my house in New Gisborne survived but family evacuated to a neighbours cellar while everything around burnt) and last Saturday talking to an aussie mate who'd just lost his outback dunny in the Gaffney's Creek fire.

    These Vistorian fires can burn anything, sheep turds, outback dunnies, even whole brick houses. A friend's brick house at Macedon completely disappeared leaving the site as clear as a billiard table during Ash Wednesday.

    I saw this late at night after rushing back from Sydney while still looking for my own family. .... times you don't forget!

  • Have a good one chaps and, Oz, I hope things turned out OK.
  • Best wishes to all!
  • Merry Christmas to everybody, everywhere
  • Don't care whether you support the Italian - or Americanbased Minardi (;) ): best wishes to all of you and your loved ones. May 2007 bring happiness and health to all of you.
  • My last day at work till the middle of January.

    I would like to benignly wish you all a nice time for the next, you know, week, or more. Not inferring that anything special ever happenned at this time of the year, or any other time, or you know, whatever.

    So whilst I hope that everyone gets whatever they want, like spiritually, I don't want anyone else, who doesn't want anything spiritual right now, other than to perhaps let off a few kilos of C4 in their T-Shirt, to feel that I'm like supporting any kind of group that has as its base, a belief in anytihng other than the right thing.

    If you know what I mean.

    And HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! Unless, your calendar is different, like the Chinese and others..........who I hope aren't offended, cause I know how cranky that sort of stuff can make you.

    Oz - I've got to tow the boat across Gippsland and around the corner up to Jervis Bay tommorrow and Saturday. Make sure the road stays open for me, eh?
  • Yep, the smoke is really pissing me off.

    Anyhoo, I'm off to Sydney for a while.

    All the best to you and your families and back
    to lively discussion next year. Should be fun...
  • Best Wishes to Everyone here!

    Been a hell of a year personally, but this site offers refuge and escapism.

    P.S. Working on Marketing for the A1 Grand Prix for Eastern Creek - Yeeehaa!!!
  • Merry XMAS to all
    Joyeux Noel a Tous
    Buon Natale a Tutti

    May the Minardi name be successful on all fronts!
    **no white XMAS in Montreal!!! The world is truly going bonkers!
  • Very Merry Christmas to all of you. It's like a spring morning here in D.C. Very odd.
  • Well, Merry Christmas, I guess, if that's you're sort of thing. ;)

    I agree with spark, this year doesn't feel like xmas over here either because the weather is simply too good. But before we start yelling about global warming and how we're all going to die shortly, less than 365 days ago, Europe had so much snow that buildings collapsed and people died in their cars. Don't know which one I prefer.

    Doc, "Entrapment" was on TV earlier this week, made me think of your almost Hollywood breakthrough hehe
  • Hi Merry Christmas RJ.

    Thanks for the email.
    Yup, no snow in KL!

    Entrapment and my almost breakthrough....

    I did get an offer for another role in Anna and the King, the next movie made here, but I was too busy....extra busy, so to say!

    Had a nice day here with the folks, and our growing family with little Tara's first Christmas.

  • Hi guys, back from the bush. Thanks for the kind wishes. We got as break when it started raining and came home on Xmas eve. We watched it burning the bush about 8 miles north of us and it went right past us. So far!! The next hot spell could bring it right back, so here's hoping we get a fair bit more rain.

    Doc, Ash wednesday has a similar effect on me as well. My sister's place went up in smoke, and we spent a fair amount of time standing under a irrigator hoping like hell it was going to be enough.

    It's good to be back.
  • Oz,

    I had a fire system which filled the gutters and sprayed water all around, with a petrol pump standby after the power went off, all supplied from a dam.

    Many people don't realise the heat that Victoria can experience in summer. I recall 7 days of temperature from 44-45 degrees C (111-113 degrees F).

    Another time the family was cooling off in the dam, when an old koala came down out of his tree and sat down in the water beside us.

    No fear, as if to say "it's just too bloody hot!".

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