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Perez-Sala appears for McLaren

Hello chaps, I was very fortunate to meet our man at the mega McLaren launch in Valencia on Monday night.


- tens of thousands lined the streets for the F1 demo

- hundreds of the 'great and the good' from Spanish motorsport and football at the evening launch + Cirque du Soleil and fireworks.

- Bernie, Ron, Mansour, Alonso, Lewis, etc.

Couldn't find Campos (Alonso's old manager) but Sala was there on the table plan so I had to go over and send our regards.

Lewis and Fernando were both very chatty and down to earth - Fernando seems completely refreshed and says he's even enjoying testing again. He says he thinks Lewis will be fine, despite the pressure he's now under.

Ron was also good value - one of his answers lasted a good six minutes, ranging from apprenticeships, Cirque du Soleil and his hate of email!

The 'raffle' involved Fernando phoning around the room at random - the winner (on the next table) received a C Class Merc.

I know how much you all love McLaren ...

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  • Is that why you're here Simon, as an agent of the evil empire??;)

    How was Sala?

    Did you get Mansour Ojeh's opinion on financing Minardi's F1 comeback?
  • He was lovely; have been trying in vain to contact him for a while. Little feature I'm planning.

    Alonso was very talkative on the pros and cons of starting out in a 'small team' (compared with Lewis). On balance, he thinks it was better - low expectations, etc.

    Ron was interesting on aerodynamics - don't expect any change, folks. 'There has never been a golden age of overtaking', etc.

    Lewis 'I don't understand why everyone thinks the pressure is on me - its all on Fernando'; the guy is ice cool.
  • Nice on Simon. I really hope Lewis does well and the British press takes a backseat. He had a fantastic 2006 in GP2. Hey he even waved to Emmett at Monza!
  • He did?
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