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Tosser Rosso

What a cheek Mr Horner has saying this
"If you look at, say, Toro Rosso compared with Minardi, I think it’s far better for Formula 1 to have a serious team like Toro Rosso than Minardi," (www.itv-f1.com).
Minardi were more of a team than that bunch will ever be! At least they designed and built their own chasis.


  • Tossers. It just confirms how little these people know. The man in question is a failed driver, of course.

    Under the nom de plume of pierluigi I have responded on the ITV forum.


    [Edited on 28-1-07 by viges]
  • simply desgusting
  • Horner is a dead eyed and soulless corporate type. He'll go far, it's that sort of world.
  • You know, such kind of stuff makes me wonder about the whole world of F1.
    I always thought Berger was a great guy for example, and Horner was actually one of the 'down on earth' team bosses for me, always very subtle and careful while expressing his opinion. And we all remember what Berger said about Minardi after he bought his stake in Toro Rosso, and now Horner comes up with this...
    Are there ANY normal people left in F1? It really seems Stoddy was the last one :(
  • Well done Viges!
  • I think Horner was plugging the customer chassis option. He's hardly likely to come out against it, seeing who pays his salary.
    We'll see how he copes if RBR fiar badly this year. Mateschitz does not look like the type of guy who takes failure lightly.
  • Nice Viges. I also agree with Petrol, Horner was plugging the company line, though he shouldn't use Minardi in that light to promote the RBR agenda.
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