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I present to you...

Now this wasn't a cheap affair (and caused me to live like an ermit for most of last week) I can tell you but may I present to you THE ALL NEW AND IMPROVED FORZAMINARDI.COM

Lots of content still needs to be moved but I can't afford to lose my google ranking over this so I put it online :P


  • Shouldn't the tabs be GP2 then Euro 3k THEN the champ cars?
  • no... it's called the alphabet and c comes before e and g
  • Emmet, are you sure that you're not a pom?

    That was a first class whinge.

    Congrats on the multi-cultural site approach there Robert. Looks good, and somewhat poofessional. You should hit the various Minardis for development dollars.
  • Originally posted by Lease
    Emmet, are you sure that you're not a pom?
    Them's fightin' words.

  • You should hit the various Minardis for development dollars
    hehe, you used Minardi and dollars in the same sentence :P
  • Well, well, well, I like the view from here. Congrats young one.
  • btw the forum is not going to stay like this, the template is being worked on to match the front page
  • Speaking about the front page, I'll send you a photo of Nelson Phillipe which is faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar better then the one mr Boyd made, so you can swap them. BTW. Phillipe managed to drive the nose of the Minardi straight off, maybe the first visable damage anyone has done to a Panoz DP01 chassis.
  • haha go ahead :P
  • I just did.... :cool:

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  • online two seconds after you sent it to me, i love this new sytem (mind you it wasn't cheap hahaha)
  • You fishin' for donations again?
  • Dude!!! I LOVE the new look of the site! Awesome!
  • Bravo RJ. A triumph, a triumph. Champagne!
  • Congrats to you RJ, but I will need a few weeks to get used to it....... Conservative socialist, you know.....
  • You fishin' for donations again?
    Unlike other clubs, this Website has never charged membership fees
  • Good work RJ, looks very fresh with more than enough changes to get noticed by the browsing/random visitors. How much more is still to come in terms of design?
  • the sections will all get a seperate header (ie the gp2 section a gp2 picture on top)
  • I know the forum feels as the most important part of this site, but wouldn't it be more logical to put it after gp2?
    It seems more natural to show first the reason of this site (Minardi in CC, Euroseries and GP2) and after that our eloquent opinions about it.
  • I think the site looks great. Just one question what happens when the GP2 and CC cars are launched will it mean a change of colour scheme on the site to try and appease both designs (assuming they are different) or are you going to have a historic based design?
  • like I said it's no problem to rebrand the different sections. I'm not going to doctor another hotchpotch image as I've done before as it just looks cheap with the software I have at my disposal. I guess I could let it rotate, but let's see how good the new cars are when they come out. I just love this picture of the PS05, looks like it wants to jump out of the screen.

    I actually think that it's best to have the more important things central on the screen rather than at the very left?
  • Hi RJ
    Nice work it looks great!!
  • A new Era begins: Champ Car, Euro3000 and GP2. Good Stuff.
  • Great job!
  • well done RJ... I am impressed!
  • Still it doesn't make me change my signature!!!!
  • ............lest we forget.
  • Excellent new look !

    Tune into www.attwilliams.com tomorrow to see the launch of the new car online
  • Hey James The Williams site is cool different watching the car develop the past week. Sponsorship wise does Williams have any new ones of note? What time is the launch tomorrow?
  • 1130 GMT we launch hence in office nice and early

    the bnew website should be really different and interactive with a nice virtual tour of the factory that won't be up and running until mid feb

    you'll have to watch the launch to see sponsors and livery! you will be able to see it launch online
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