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Minardi USA site up

I'm not sure if this has already been posted, but I've just noticed the web site:



  • cool. thanks. I sent them an email to find out about swag.

    time will tell
  • TRAITOR!!!!!!
  • Reasonable looking site but who or WTF is


    and what can it have to do with a professional racing team?
  • Cedric "The Entertainer" is a comedian that owns an entertainment company and has done some movies and tv along with owning the team partially with Keith Wiggins up untill now. As Stoddart has stated he welcomes him to stay on and sponsor a third car.
  • Now Paul Newman owning a racing team is cool but not someone called Cedric who appears to be some sort of clown................
  • hey hey, be carefull. My sons name is Cedric, and he's quite an entertainer ;-) , doesn't own a team though.
  • Don't know if this is a mistake or a leak but on under Minardi Team USA on CCWS.com they show Dan Clarke, Nelson Philippe, and Robert Doornbos as the teams drivers so Doornbos has been added recently to the site, they still haven't updated and put the team name and stoddart's name as owner though.
  • mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.................Cedric

  • sorry selespeed no offence intended;)

    Just doesn't quiet fit with the image of a pro racing team as a major sponsor.

    As lease has demonstrated.............................
  • Come on it's America, everything is bigger, better and.....stranger?! If your a moviestar you can become a Champ Car teamowner (Paul), a major (Clint), a governor (Arnie), heck even President (Ronald)! So why can't 'Ceddybear', stand-up comedian and moviestar, also considered as the funniest guy in the USA, own a team?! As long as he pays-up I couldn't care less.
  • Originally posted by Telstar
    ..they still haven't updated and put the team name and stoddart's name as owner though.
    Could there be trouble ahead?...do they know something we don't?...only time will tell!

  • Could there be trouble ahead?...do they know something we don't?...only time will tell!
    time will tell that Minardi will take the CART championship this year!
  • RJ - Remember the days when we used to predict double digit points winning seasons for the real Minardi? Man those were great days.

    What do you think the GP2 season outcome will be for the real Minardi? I think they will do well - top 3 for sure.
  • Originally posted by forzaminardi
    I don't think Rodriguez is up to it yet, it's only his first season and not so sure about negrao's talent to start with.
    Agreed - plus there are some infrastructure integration issues as well. I think Rod will show well though.
    btw, gp2series.com has the old name of the team as well
    The BIG difference is that people involved with the GP2 series are actually named Minardi.
  • and piquet :P
  • He is our Cedric.
  • Lucky his name isn't Edsel!!
  • From Minardi Blog
    Rodriguez attracts Attention

    Roldan Rodriguez has among his many fans the Renault F1 team. Adrain Campos in an article published in a Madrid paper says the likeable Roldan has a chance to continue his rise up the motor sport ladder by impressing Renault this year. Renault are anxious to get another Spanish driver on board to continue the company's close relationships with Spanish companies. Campos who said he would have liked Roldan to race with his Campos Grand Prix team this year but the fact that Roldan has Giancarlo Minardi as a mentor he felt it was in his best interests to continue with the Minardi Team. Campos also said Rodriguez was offered a chance to drive in the US Champ Car series deciding GP2 was his best chance to achieve his dream in becoming a Formula 1 driver. Juan Caceres left the Minardi F3000 Team during the season to join Champ Car.
  • There's a familer website listed in the links....


  • The more things change the more they remain the same:

    Sent an email to enquiries at Minarditeamusa dot com

    and got 511 error: "no mailbox here by that name"
  • They got spammed by 'you know who'-fans, and closed the door.
  • The Turks or the Dutch?
  • It starts with an 'J' and ends with 'os'...:cool:

    [Edited on 7-2-2007 by Selespeed]
  • There's a familer website listed in the links....

    Yeah, pretty cool, isn't it? Forza's getting more and more "street cred" it seems
  • Its here too:


    and been there longer than the Champ car outfit has been around.....
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