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Did he get done for selling a dodgy pizza?


  • Do we care?
  • We need more new people in here. I still think the forum should be open to the public again. Although I can understand that RJ wants to wait until he's sure Jos won't drive for the champcar team ;). Otherwise this place is going to be a mess.
  • New people can join, can't they? We just have ridiculously low standards which very few can meet.
  • I am back.

    My PC blew the southbridge (motherboard), which means I've been more or less offline for ages.

    But... 2 weeks ago I quit my job (50 hours for $440 in the hand, fuck that) so I actually have time to do stuff now. Been spending most of my time fixing things around the house, and working on my car.

    Finally bought new gear for the PC too last week. Which lasted 1 power cycle until a power surge due to a dodgy motherboard or power supply (not quite sure which) blew up the new motherboard, new power supply, new 250 sata hd, and my bad ass video card. Luckily all under warrenty (hence being online again) except the video card and we're waiting on Western Digital to see if I'll get a new HD.

    But anyway should, should be around a lot more now. Sorry Quig.

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  • welcome back, mate

    does that mean you've retired?

    much has changed, Lease now wants to be known by the name "Loretta" and Quig has become a volunteer for Obama2008
  • Originally posted by forzaminardi
    welcome back, mate

    does that mean you've retired?
    For a couple of months or until I run out of cash; Which ever comes first.
  • See! you go fishing and look what you catch.

    Where is Loretta these days?
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