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Top Award for Alex


Congratualtions Alex:cool:

The second Minardi driver to be awarded the Bruce McLaren Trophy, great news.

Any response facty?


  • Congratulations to Alex!!
  • Champagne!
  • Pretty impressive stuff!
  • wow! I'm impressed
  • well done, just saw this on pitpass, nice to get some recognition. :)
  • Well there you go. His parents must be proud ;)

    In F1, Alex was all at sea and never looked like having a future. He seems to have settled into this category well, and though I haven't been watching (no, for the fiftieth time, I don't want cable - watch the door - SLAM!), the results are becomming more consistent.

    Congratulations to Alex and his connections here.
  • Lease - whats up with the smiley's? I remember a long time ago you were adament against their use. Look how the mighty have fallen.
  • i must sincerely thank all the brits for this recognition. he was always in very affable relationships with most brits he knew well and can manage to develop good relationships with most brits he didn't know that well.

    must be the mum's influence.
  • Shit, shit, shit, shit shit!!!!! You caught me.

    Thankyou, you great steaming pile of Californian desert droppings, for remembering that..........that detail.

    Mea culpa, and what's worse is that I paused on the 'emoticon' button in recognition of the crime about to be committed. But there it is; the hubris that a decent gag might get overlooked has resulted in a stoop so low, it is worthy of the FIA.

  • Well done Alex couldn't happen to a nicer chap :cool:
  • Nice one Alex
  • Here's another one - "Mea culpa" Latin for I have sinned. Sinned against who/whom you athesist?

    Maybe P1 is right.
  • See, you get one bit of recognition and then go over the top with all sorts of ludicrous ravings.

    From latin to religion?! Give us a break.

    Further, deploring religious clubs does not make one an athiest. One has never stated one's beliefs, OR non-beliefs.

    Time for a bit more suncream on that neck mate. When you start putting Provincial Popcorn Pushers in your corner, you're in trouble.
  • Lease Tune Up Checklist:

    1. Stopped using smilies - check

    2. Witty and wordy post - check

    3. Abusive zing - check

    Tune up complete. However we will be keeping watch on you and your senior moments to make sure the people with the long sleeve jackets and butterfly nets stay clear.
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