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Oh dear. For all intents and purposes this looks like a facsimile of the RBR 3 with a different paint job. Red Bull must be joking. How can 2 teams own the intellectual property to the same car. I can see Spyker protesting. Since in identical cars STR can simply use Red Bull's tyre data to tune their chassis. So these reams have the tyre data from 4 cars at race weekends. Thats too much of an advantage. At least Super aguri's car is based on the 06 Honda which is different to the 07 one.


  • I read Gerhard's quote stating that it was a different chassis and different wings. I'll be buggered if I can tell the difference. Even the mirror mounts are the same. Same nose, front wing and same side pods. who's he kidding?
  • turning Faenza into an assembly line, these people continue to make me feel sick!!! I hope Max has the cojones to ban them, or will at least, as Kolles suggested, scrap them from the "constructors" chart!
  • I feel bad for all of the hardworking craftsmen in Faenza. They used to take pride in the car THEY designed and built. Now, the engineering department is in England with most of the major manufacturing done there as well.

    When we were in Faenza last September, Roberta joked that you could tell all the former Minardi people (the ones PS said would not get laid off) because they were all walking about the town square drinking a coffee and talking on the cell's....or to themselves.
  • This is the most blatant case of chassis sharing I have ever seen !
  • It's not as if we didn't see it coming.
  • Instead of 'made in Faenza' it deserves 'made in China'?
  • i can recommend a good optician to berger and tost.....
  • I can't believe that no-one from Williams or Spyker have made an official statement about the STR/RBR situation. Chassis sharing is ILLEGAL.
    As I see it there will be three bites at the cherry for Williams and Spyker. First in Melboune. What's preventing the stewards from deeming that both cars are illegal under competition regs. Failing that they can appeal that decision and lastly there's arbitration.
    Red Bull are taking the piss. I mean, they did not even make an effort to make the cars look different. This is Shadow versus Arrows revisited!
  • I can't believe that no-one from Williams or Spyker have made an official statement about the STR/RBR situation. Chassis sharing is ILLEGAL.
    I think I read at Pitpass.com that Spyker is planning on sueing Red Bull. Or would you like to see something like a press release?
  • Tost and berger are right! Spyker and williams don't stand a chance in court


    The STR lacks the winglet behind the chimney's, and they use a fatter radio antenna. With that big a differance, obviosly any court would rule in favour of RB and STR :)
  • Well thats calling a bluff.
  • That picture of the two cars side by side illustrates my point. OK the chassis mounting points at the rear might be different due to the layout of the differnt engines. But thats really it.
    Tost and Berger have to say the cars are different but if the stewards in melbourne question that interpretation whats their evidence.
  • There's a very interesting article on Granprix.com on the chassis sharing debate. They claim what I have staed that courts tend to side with the intention of the wording rather than the actual wording. The intentention is to prevent chassis sharing. I wonder how confident Herr Berger feels now. He would not be the first person to take legal advice from Herr Moseley (ein chassis, ein engine, ein tyre) and end up being shafted!
  • Any team that decided to go for it would be effectively taking the FIA to court - not a wise move, as Stoddart proved in 2005. Win or lose, they would find themselves out in the cold - and with customer cars coming in 2008 anyway, the gain ain't worth the pain.

    Whining on about it until the FIA throw you a sweetener of some kind, though, might be a viable strategy. As Stoddart could also attest.
  • AFAIK the 2008 Concorde regs do not allow for customer cars. Sir Frank Williams said as much in a recent interview. So for this to be agreed some form of horse trading will have to occur. I think that Berger will have to accept a compromise.
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