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Enough to Gag a Maggott


Seems ol' Jean Todt has a thing going with Michelle Yeoh - and that is what is making me ill.

See for yourself


And this is just one photo I found - do a google search for her and ...well get your barf bag ready.


  • She looked good in Tomorrow Never Dies.
  • As well as Dancing Monkey or whatever the hell that kung fu flick was called.

  • Which sauce do the Chinese use on frogs?
  • well, I guess there is still hope then :hehe::angel::angel:
  • As long as she makes him miserable, that's all I care about.
  • Good old Jean!
  • Little French Riding Hood can teach Mikka a few things about the chics you can get whilst in F1, Erja sux:spank:
  • Yoko - where the hell you been big man?

    Your absence is unacceptable.
  • My life is kinda hell these days, but you're right.
    Autospanks and autobitchslaps :spank:

    I missed my military NASA Ramoner fella as well.
  • Whats up? Why hell?

    BTW - you gonna be on the Euro continent Imola time - it would be epic for you to be there.
  • Would like to, right now I'm far away concerning the dosh.
    Family problems, cahnging work and home + friend died in a fire on a rock concert, maybe you read it in the news 15 days ago, 200 dead:(
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