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Job application bs

"How have you, in the past, used your problem solving skills to master a difficult challenge?" 100words

Who are they kidding? What on earth do they expect you to write there? "After saving the dolphins and whales, I ran across the street to save a little child from being run over by a lorry, when all of a sudden I heard the faint cries of a distressed maiden, whom I rescued from a burning house, after which I woke up."

Human Resource departments!!


  • I think a lot of this rubbish either produces utter bo**ocks such as you've written or actually encourages people NOT to apply to that company.
  • You still have 37 words to go.
  • Maximum, not minimum. Duh.
  • As I told RJ before. It's not really that hard to fill. It just depends on the job you are applying for.
  • Easy RJ

    "I run a web site devoted to Minardi fans, some are really great, some are total fruitcakes, but we try not to discriminate. When The Team is swallowed up by a
    marketing giant and rebranded we are left to ponder if we keep the site going
    or to give up.

    The answer is simple - we reinvent ourselves!

    Refresh ourselves, diversify from a solid fan core to encompass all that
    myself and my "invisible" fans have loved about our sport.
    Passion that is not materialistic,but tribal down to its core.
    I have faith in what I have achieved, and have built my dream into a
    bigger and brighter future."
  • Hehe, the problem is, as sad as it may seem: ForzaMinardi.com doesn't get you any jobs :D
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