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Liuzzi slaps Minardi, Italian culture

“This team isn’t Minardi any more,” STR driver Vitantonio Liuzzi emphasizes. “Previously, the team used to be more Italian; a bit lazy. They were maybe working at 50 percent; now we’ve become a really strong team. It’s a night-and-day change.”


  • He can go "shit in his hands and clap" too then!!!
  • What does Liuzzi know about Italians?
  • What a turd. Is he so stupid he doesn't realise most of his mechanics are from the old regime?
  • When he came in he probably saw the dejected Italians that would eventually be laid off for whatever reason. I bet he couldn't tell you a thing about Minardi.
  • Certain people talk about things they do not know at all just in order to give air to their mouth.:o:mad:
  • Yeah especially the design staff seems to be working REALLY hard at TR right now
  • 50%!!!!!!!!!! The cheeky little sod:mad: What a twat.

    Because all the time the team was struggling with no staff due to lack of budget there was time for everyone there to be doing f*ck all half the time?

    I never got that impression, and every one looked pretty busy at the factory.
  • Surely he meant 150%, being so short staffed.
  • Where the hell is MCSF when you need him???

    Surley he must know a good hitman who can get to Indy;)
  • I'd be happy just forcing him to wear normal clothes.
  • Always thought Luizzi was a prat. Pantano should have had Luizzi's money.
  • Hey, Tonio, I tell you how it is like Minardi and you're lucky to have a drive ...

    Berger wants a pay driver which is why Speed is out. Autosport says the Red Bull finishing school is no more. Monteiro and his €7m are looking tempting ...
  • To Quote jacques Villeneuve in this months F1 Racing magazine:

    "Apart from him dressing like a rapper doing karaoke, there's nothing to say about Liuzzi. F1 isn't karaoke, its the pinnacle of motor racing. You just wonder how long he spent in front of the mirror to make sure hi shat was tilted exactly far enough to look cool. I could never like th eguy because of that, and I don't see how he can be percieved as a serious driver. His driving is nothing special anyway."
  • What a as***le! Well said Robert-Jan. Reactions are the same everywhere on the internet. What does he know about Minardi.
    They used to build a car in three weeks.

    And remember what Robert Doornbos said about Liuzzi. Talking about commitment.......
  • No wonder he drives for STR..........
  • What did Doornbos say about Liuzzi?
  • The whole Red Bull project is a disaster. Truth is Mateschitx, Marko and Berger don't know how to run an F1 team, Autosport have said that STR is looking for a buyer!
  • I know a guy. Knows the area really well and has 20+ years experience.
  • But can he raise the cash Jello?
  • What's a kidney worth? I've got 2..
  • The article is this week's Autosport on STR is well worth a read. Seems like Luizzi has signed a contract with performance clauses that could well see him out on his sorry ass come mid-season.
    The whole setup at STR looks like a mess though. Berger has done a Burke and Hare ( 19 th century resurrectionists spealiasing in body parts) job with the components of the car. They've come from all over europe. In addition the car's actual concept is a dud. So they've got a complex car with installation issues thats unrelable and slow.
    Berger admitted thats there's absolutely no difference between the RBR and STR apart from engine ancillaries. How the Melbourne stewards react to that should be very interesting!
  • Stupid remark on Minardi. He may be partly right on Italian culture though.
  • I',m afraid I'm not going to let that xenophobic comment pass.What on earth do you know about Italian culture? Have you ever lived there? Do you speak the language? I have worked with Italian health professionals and I cannot fault their work ethic or their commitment.
  • Yes, the Autosport was quite revealing.

    STR seems to be in a situation where they've taken a poor car, hacked it up to fit poorer pieces and the result came out to be much worse than even the original. They'll flounder this year, especially with Liuzzi and Speed driving.
  • Sounds like something Peter Cushing would knock up in his laboratory, a sort of Frakencar!
  • Originally posted by Petroltorque
    I',m afraid I'm not going to let that xenophobic comment pass.What on earth do you know about Italian culture? Have you ever lived there? Do you speak the language? I have worked with Italian health professionals and I cannot fault their work ethic or their commitment.
    So you are telling me that the reputation Italians have is a complete lie? They say the Italians are lazy, it is an image that has grown on them and just maybe it's partly justified.

    I am not saying all Italians are the same. Liuzzi however is willing to accept this image (which proves that at least he thinks general opinion is right). And I'm just saying he MAY have a point there. It's sort of the same as all other Europeans claiming that the Dutch are cheap. Just like Liuzzi I am willing to say that they may have a point.

    Just wake up.

    [Edited on 24-2-07 by Stan]
  • Let me make this clear: Stan is cheap
  • So Stan is Cheap and Italians are lazy and Liuzzi is an Idiot?
  • it's clear to me that nobody in here ever tried to get a phone line done in Italy :D:D:D
  • What a very silly debate.

    National stereotypes are fun, but hardly accurate.

    Mind you, anything that gets Cato's ire up is a good thing as far as I'm concerned.
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