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Vegas Weekend

Doornbos 6th after the first qualifying session. Clarke is 10th but that was to be expected as he got no testing in with the new car.


  • i just barfed
  • actually from this angle the car looks better than in the launch picture

    today will be the first session live on race director, yay :D
  • Looks like a lot of roll in that photo. Or the wing is crooked. Or the ground is slanted. Doesn't the right hand FWEP look lower than the left?
  • If you think thats bad, look at this one.
    Rear wheels aren't even on the ground, the things never gonna get the power down

  • Bwhahahahahahaha!


    Click for more res.

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  • Seems Clarke got the prettier car :)
  • does he have different sponsors?
  • Clarke has got 'Ticketmaster' on the sidepods, where Doornbos has 'OZJet'. Clarkes's wings are also black, instead of the green and white ones of Doornbos.
  • Clarke's helmet fits perfectly with that car. I really like the way that car looks. Too bad Doornbos's looks so ugly. Thanks for that link clown, I'm going to see if I can get that printed at 120x60 cm ;) but maybe the resolution is a bit too low.
  • i have to admit that track is pretty cool
  • Clarke's helmet rocks. It's Graham Hill in red.
  • Looks good for Doornbos, qualifying 2nd in the qualifying session 2 so combined qualifying results has him starting 3rd, Clarke is starting 12th.

    Will Power and Paul Tracy just ahead of him, definitely going to have to watch out for PT.

    Doornbos's sponsors: Muermans/Jumbo Supermarkten/Mediamall/Oz Jet

    Clarke's sponsors: Ticketmaster/Synapse Power/The Australian Pink Floyd Show/Muermans
  • wooo! this is fun ;)

    what shocker for Bourdais in the second session!
  • Well Bourdais weekend ends in style ;-)
  • man, this is a great show, the coverage on race director is really good!

    fingers crossed doornbos is doing amazingly well so far
  • this was the start of a fantastic season, guys!
  • Congrats to Doornbos and his 2nd place finish, will have to go home and watch the race now, as I was just following the live timing up at school.

    Too bad for Clarke, but this looks like we should have a pretty good season on hand for the team.

    Now we have Minardi GP2 next weekend, can't wait.
  • Brilliant job by RD, what a mature flawless drive!
  • I was VERY excited to see Doornbos bring the Minardi name back to these shores with such a solid performance. It really does appear as though the sky's the limit for the team this year!

    Now, if only the part-timers in CCWS would confirm for the rest of the season so the grid doesn't dip below 15 in two months' time...
  • A perfect result for the first race. Nice to know that RD can perform that professionally.
  • I'm really impressed. The first time a rookie has been on the podium in his first race since Nigel Mansell in '93. Didn't put a foot wrong all weekend!
  • I recorded it and watched it at 2AM last night. Man, this looks like a really cool series. But it is sort of hard to keep track of it if you're used to F1 coverage. The commentator didn't really keep track of overtaking actions and because of it I was constantly looking at the news ticker at the top of the screen.

    Doornbos had a lot of luck though. If Forsythe and Coyne's fuel pumps would have worked correctly he would have finished fifth or maybe even sixth. It was also too bad that Clarke lost his car so early in the race.

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  • In response to Thunderbolt seven.

    I read somewhere that the reason there is only 17 cars on the grid is that Panoz are concentrating on building up the spares package. Apparantly there are three drivers with sponsorship Haylen, Pastorelli and one other who's name escapes me. Surely it would've made more sense to get these people into the cars and have a universal pool of spares until such times that there are enough spares/ spare cars foreveryone.
  • Hi All, been away but have been checking in now and again...

    Great Result for the Team! Too bad we I can't see it here in Oz.

  • Great Result for the Team! Too bad we I can't see it here in Oz.
    You can watch a whole year of Champcar with 'Race Director', available for 25,- USD on www.champcarworldseries.com . Watch the demo, so you can see what you have for your Do's. Anyway, I have it, as does RJ, and it's worth every Penny.

    I read somewhere that the reason there is only 17 cars on the grid is that Panoz are concentrating on building up the spares package.
    Panoz has build more then 17 cars. Forinstance I've seen myself that Forsythe has 3 cars to their disposal, so there are enough cars. It's true that spareparts are limited at the moment. The real reason I think is, that the money these guys have is not enough to cover one whole season. Hylen has lost Muermans to RD and Pastorelli struggled last year to meet his payements.
  • Originally posted by TasM Too bad we I can't see it here in Oz.
  • That was a good race.
    DP01 looks the goods, very nice aero on it for close racing.

    Hats off to Robert for a fantastic drive :cool:
  • Press conference:

    ERIC MAUK: Our second place finisher, driver of the #14 Muermans/Jumbo Supermarketen/Mediamall Cosworth/DP01/Bridgestone for Minardi Team USA, Robert Doornbos. Robert finished second. He is the first driver to podium in his Champ Car debut since Nigel Mansell won the season opener in 1993. Robert, great run today. Tell us a little bit about it.

    ROBERT DOORNBOS: Thank you very much. Good to be back here. Different seat. I'm moving up maybe for the next couple of races (laughter). No, I really enjoyed it. A great start to the weekend. Already yesterday to have qualified in the top three, we couldn't have dreamed of a better start really. Was a bit worried this morning because it's a different routine that you have than in European racing with these rolling starts. At the end of the day, I thought it was more like a safety car start.

    It did cut me out a little bit in turn one when I saw Junqueira with I think a smoked wheel coming on the inside. I thought, I want to have a long afternoon, so I let him go. I got him back in the end. It took me a couple of laps. It was quite tough on these red tires. We had no idea how long they would last. I mean, my engineer is a great guy, Michael Cannon. He's so calm on the radio. He tried to calm me down. He said, No worries, the race is long. Keep on pushing, this and that. It really just came towards us. Obviously the safety car situations, yellow flags, never seen so many in one race to be honest.

    The pit stops went well. A very long one, the second one, because we had a different strategy. Then I had to save fuel, which is also a new thing for me because he kept telling me, You have to save more fuel, more fuel. I was like, I'm racing, what do you want me to do (laughter)? Valet parking or something?

    Just came to us. I'm so pleased for everybody, especially for my sponsors here, they come all the way from Holland. It's been a long winter. Really a good decision to go racing in Champ Car.

    ERIC MAUK: Looking back at what you may have expected, what you thought you were coming into, and now that you've been through it, how did what happened meet with your expectations out of the entire weekend?

    ROBERT DOORNBOS: It's a relief to be straightaway competitive and hopefully people start pronouncing my name right like this. You're doing a very good job, by the way. (laughter)

    ERIC MAUK: Thank you.

    ROBERT DOORNBOS: It's a good start. Gives confidence, especially because we have three weekends in a row now. Then I have to go back to Europe for my F1 duties. It's great fun. I can't wait to go to Long Beach. Might have a go to the casino tonight
    Doornbos seems like a top bloke :)

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