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Bahrain GP2

After some mixed results in testing, the new Minardi GP2 is about to start the season at Bahrain.

Will they win, will they lose, discuss here


  • I think its going to be a real competition for the win but we definitely have a good chance. I'm expecting them to be at the top, at least in the top ten.
  • GP2 is the top of motorsport (ok, after F1...), to be in the top ten will be a great result!!:cool:

    For Rodriguez is the first year and he don't know all the tracks, Negrao is not a top driver...

    I hope for some victory.
    FORZA MINARDI (Piquet)
  • negrao third in the first free practice session, not bad at all!
  • Negrao qualifies 2nd with Rodriguez 17th
  • i'm taking back everything i said about negrao last year!
  • Negrao? I've already said he is a great driver?:D
  • That was.. not expected.
  • The new era's going pretty well, then. We want victory - let's hope Xandi wants it as much as we do (none of this "maybe I can make the podium" rubbish).
  • is it just me, or is there no live timing online for gp2?
  • is it just me, or is there no Minardi in the results?

    Both failed to finish... I haven't seen the race and have not a clue what happened.
  • The race was on Eurosport 2. Rodriguez had an engine failure early, Negrao was pushed off the track by Glock just after the start and was 9th, then he fought his way through to a strong 4th place and suddenly they showed his car parked in the gravel with some bodywork damage.
  • Oh dear. Will keep an eye on Eurosport for the Sunday sprint race.
  • Rodriguez 12° and Negrao 15°.
    Xandi made a good race and gained some position, but made some pass during a safety car and had to do a drive trought...

    The next race will be better.

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  • Encouraging and discouraging at the same time - typical Minardi weekend.
  • Originally posted by silverghost
    Encouraging and discouraging at the same time - typical Minardi weekend.
    Excellent quote hopefully the bad luckhas left us.
  • having taken the pains to translate the press release at 9 o clock in the morning it'd be nice if you buggers tried reading it :P (no, you won't find it on minarditeam.com)

  • I did (before you asked.....).
    And eh.... thanks.
  • Hey, hey, RBJ, we were reading it to-day ...

    Yes, not a great start to the season. Still, these cars are bloody ace. What a contrast watching A1GP in Shanghai and then GP2.

    Pre-Bahrain, this is what Autosport had to say about Minardi Piquet Sports:

    "The biggest change over the winter has been at Piquet Sports, where a buy-in by Minardi has resulted in the operation being moved from Britain to a new Italian base. Around half the original staff have been retained, while ex-Trident and Durango engineer Roberto Costa has been brought in. Even the team expects things to be tougher than last season's title-challenging run.

    Negrao: No other driver has done as many miles in GP2 cars as Negrao; he holds the unique distinction of having taken part in every GP2 race, practice and test. All that experience will be needed as he takes over team leader duties ... needs to take a big step forward (and crash a lot less).

    Rodriguez; Four years of Spanish F3 and no title to show doesn't sound like the calling card of the next Alonso. At just 22 he has five years of single-seater experience but that's unlikely to raise him above battling for midfield positions rather than points."

    I found following the racing quite confusing due to the similarity in liveries between Minardi and Durango:


    although the Durangos were nearer the front! Just to add to the mix, Super Nova still look alot like:


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  • the turquoise obviously reflects the heritage of the Piquet Team
  • Is there news on any merchandise coming out now the season has started with the Piquet team?
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