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PS04B at F1X2

Well, I just found a very strange picture on the page of the MinardiF1X2Team.
It shows a PS04B in the garage of the F1X2Team.Are or where they using it?



  • Looks like they're using it for demonstration runs. Interesting that it's still got the 2005 sponsors on it though.
  • Yeah but the most interesting of these sponsors is that there are all of them.
    During the last test JVC, LBiCON and LostBoys(actually it's the same) were not to find on the cars.
    I dont know if they were on the PS04Bs but they definetly weren't on the PS05s.
  • I think those sponsors were on the PS05s as you can see them on the picture above. Plus they would have been on the PS04Bs as the new PS05 car wasnt introduced until Imola.
  • no,LOST BOYS, LBicon and JVC were definetly not on the PS05s at the last Minardi-test in Vallelunga in November 2005.
    I still don't know if they were still on the PS04Bs because I just got the pictures of the PS05s.
  • Paul Stoddart driving the PS04B during the last Minardi test (november 24)
    You see that Lost Boys & LBicon are still on the car
  • Well, I also got this picture, I just did not remember.
    But why where LBicon and Lost Boys on the PS04Bs and not on the PS05?

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  • By the way, a while ago I saw that PS has repainted one of the F1x2s into a standard champcar livery. As far as I could see they were also marketing it as a Champcar x2.
  • from the press releases, it's still called Minardi F1x2
  • But why where LBicon and Lost Boys on the PS04Bs and not on the PS05?
    if you have a look at the car in this site's logo, you can see that LBicon were on the PS05
  • I am just talking about the very last test of Minardi in 2005 wondering why their logos were not on the PS05 but on the PS04B.
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