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All set for the inaugural race at Vallelunga. Minardi will field two cars, not sure how many will participate in total. Judging from the recent tests it should be nothing short of a walkover for Minardi Jr's squadra :P


  • Ya it looks like we have built well on last season and shouldn't have too many problems staying in the front.
  • The odd part of the small grid is that Coloni is talking about expanding TV coverage. Good on him if he can pull it off..
  • 12 cars on the grid, pole position for minardi as you can see here
  • Looks good!
  • Forza Minardi!
  • couldn't keep it up for the first race but a double podium is too good to be moaning about it guess as you can see here

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  • Rigon got two 2nds which was a good way to start the season!
  • just noticed that two of the participants are racing another (older, it seems to me) version of the Lola chassis. Aren't there enough cars?
  • I'm guessing that it's a monetary issue rather than a production one, like having seperate classes in Atlantic. The new car has been out for some time now.
  • good results
  • The new car has been out for some time now.
    agreed, if the chassis number is anything to go by, those cars are 5 years old
  • I read in the autosport that there was an aero update for this season.

    Also the reason that Alx Danielson is racing in the series (other than lack of funds) is that the winner gets a Super Licence. I'm not entirely sure if this is true but i'm sure one site mentioned that in an interview with Alx.
  • Interesting. I'm sure it's nice to race in Enzo Coloni's racing series too, if you're looking to maybe join his GP2 operation.

    Doesn't the WSR title come with any kind of test with Renault? Seems logical..
  • Congrats to Rigon! Thats a great start to the season, sure he is hungry for that next step on the podium.
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