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Barcelona GP2

Only mid field so far, let's see how the race pans out


  • Roldan 13th, Negrao 14th in a very close qualifying
  • Having a rough go at the moment..
  • Great 4th place from Roldan!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • :cool:
  • The standard of driving in GP2 is pretty apalling. Not many drivers would make the transition to F1. Nice drive by Senna for the win though.
  • Petrol I dissagree about the driving. While I would say like most series F1 included there are some drivers which do not belong overall it is a excellent series with some very impressive talent. Senna, Glock, Lapiere (Until he spun)and our Roldan had a wonderful race other drivers such as Pantano, Zaug, Pizziona and Nakajima who took fastest lap all show talent supreem.
  • .Great Rodriguez!
    After the safety car he was 11° and in few laps he passed Nakajima, Petrov, Garcia and Andy Soucek.
    Roldan was 6° behind Lapierre at 17 laps to the end when the french broke his engine and Zuber, that was 4°, spun out.

    Great race in his home GP!:)
    Forza minardi.

    I've never wrote so much in english...I hope someone can understand my post!;)

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  • They're just young and wild - that's how we like our drivers to be.

    Roldan did pretty well - kept out of trouble and overtook a few of the opposition. Pressure's off now. Maybe tomorrow he can go one better and get on the podium - there's a few makeweights ahead of him.
  • Good drive by Roldan, can't wait till I can see the race tomorrow. Hope he can stay out of trouble again and gain a podium.
  • You spoke too soon Telstar; through no fault of his own he was taken out in turn one. Never mind, great showing in the main race and GCM was spotted on the pitwall.

    GP2 cars, by all accounts, are harder to drive than F1 cars. Deliberately skittish and with no driver aids. Look how Nico and Lewis have stepped up ...

    Negrao is concussed from something (?) and the Eurosport commentators suggested Piquet may make a comeback for Monaco. Piquet Jr, you understand.
  • SpeedTV here in the states changed the GP2 broadcast time to later tonight so that sucks to already know how Roldan ended up.
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