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Albers or Sutil the rookie?

wtf is going on with Christian Albers? He's consistently getting his arse handed to him by the rookie Sutil.

If they really need a Dutch presence in the team.... is it time for a Jos the Boss return? Surely he'd be putting Sutil in the shade.


  • I get the feeling that Albers gave up a long time ago. Maybe he's just not as good as he thinks he is.
  • Monaco should be ignored in your assessment at least. You could run out of fingers if you tried to count the mechanical issues that he had there on them.
  • http://www.f1-live.com/f1/en/headlines/news/detail/070531093721.shtml

    This link leads to a topic about Verstappen wanting to test for spiker for 3 days. One of the sponsors invited him to have a go or something. He could replace Albers.
  • I think this is really strange. Albers was consistently quicker than Sutil in the old car during the winter testing. But he can't seem to get it right during the grand prix weekends. Sutil is a great talent though, I heard he gave Hamilton a hard time when he was his team mate.

    Apparently Trust is behind the Verstappen test. There is a rumor going around saying that Sutil is going to replace Ralf Schumacher.

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  • This will happen very soon if Ralf keeps going out at the first qualifying run, with Trulli qualifying 6th or 7th!

    About Albers, I think he's frustrated by the everlasting lack of competitiveness of the car. But clearly letting Sutil overshadow him is not the best way to get a proper seat next year.
  • I don't think the Spyker is that uncompetitive. They were .5 s of super Aguri at Monaco. If you consider where they were when the season started that's tremendous progress.
    In Sutil they have a real asset. What's his contract worth to a manufactirer team. Sell him on and thats the budget for the seamless box and 6 months 24/7 wintunnel testing.
  • now according to gascoyne they're already doing the 24/7 thing. albers could have taken points had he kept it in one piece.
  • Sutil's bending too many chassis now. Gascoigne took the unusual step of criticising his driving in the press release.
  • In a funny sort of way, I do feel sorry for them. Especially when you see what Aguri is doing (and STR quallied well at Montreal).
  • but both str and aguri are not even trying to make their own cars
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