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Canada GP

This could be Hamilton's first! Someone else I'm impressed with is Sauber, a third spot under normal conditions means they're the third team now. Renault are such has beens, just goes to show how little those big sponsors (ING) know about F1. Everybody could have told them that Renault wouldn't continue in 2006 fashion


  • BMW is looking very menacing.
    Those red bastards might be looking over their shoulders by the end of the year.
  • what is it with webbo and starts?
  • puta que pariu!! quite a race we have here
  • Bit of a crazy one.

    Kubica is lucky to be alive.
  • image

    laaaaand der beeeeeeergeheee laaaaand am strohomeeee


    well done Alex, James if you see him, give him a pat on the back from 19th to 3rd

    good to hear kubica is okay

    well done lewis, good stuff, forza grenada!
  • Very exciting stuff. Luckily Kubica is not too bad and many congrats to Hamilton. Most fun to see was Sato overtaking Alonso. I loved it.
  • ^ Yeah, that was fantastic :)
  • Great race, great podium.

    God Save the Queen.

    PS Get well soon Robertski.
  • That was the first full race I have seen this season for various reasons (mainly missing Minardi) and what a cracker!!
    I am glad Kubica is not too badly injured.
    My highlight of the day was Sato pulling the move on Alonso.
  • Sato's move on Alonso was great. This race did happen to be more interesting the whole way through. Get well soon Kubica!
  • to see my personnal pictures of Kubica crash: here
  • must have been quite shocking to see it from so close up, makes you realise how fast these cars go
  • I thought he was a goner! Whats with Alonso? This is the second time he goes off and tries to park his car in the middle of the track. Maybe he needs to speak to his father Flavio about hobbling Hamilton.
  • were you the one with the chinese hat?
  • Sorry....not me.
  • What about Alonso:

    "From the first moment I arrived at McLaren I wasn't comfortable with everything," the Spaniard told Cadena Ser radio. "This is an English team, with an English team-mate. You know that all of the help goes his way. I have understood that from the first moment and I won't complaint about it."

    What a whinie.......
  • Silly boy.

    If you want to know whether Ron lets his boys race, ask Niki, Alain, Ayrton, Mika, DC, Kimi or JP.

    I'm surprised at Fernando.
  • DC got the rough end of the wedge to MH a number of times though.
  • Yes, interesting one Melbourne; apparently Mika's race had been ruined by a faulty pit call, which is why he was allowed back in front. I think Ron has only recently revealed this.
  • he revealed it? wasn't that super obvious to everybody??
  • You know I mean the faulty pit call!
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