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Minardi fans at Canada

Did you guys catch the guy with a Chinese hat and a Minardi shirt? Anyone from in here?


  • Just got a nice closeup slow mo when Taku took Alonso :)
  • Nice touch. Without Stoddart's help, Aguri would never have made the grid last year.
  • Explain?
  • And dont say "Wait for the book"
  • Wait for the anecdote ... in the book.

    (BTW have just received some lovely old photos. Manuscript to be delivered at the end of July. Available from all good websites ...)
  • You unbearable man.
  • Clown, Stoddart sold the old Arrows chassis to Super Aguri who in turn modified them to make the grid last year.
  • Hmmm... I vaguely remember that.
  • Oi, Telstar!

    Anyway, the full anecdote is very funny ...
  • I saw that, cool. I have to say that I'm liking SuperAguri more and more. It remonds me the good old times when the underdogs did better than the big dogs...
  • A soft spot for Aguri, yes, but they are not really 'underdogs' like Minardi or Jordan.
  • I know I'm a little late to the party on this one, but the guys at the Canadian GP are members from Aguri's biggest fansite, SAF1.org.

    Good bunch of guys over there, but like viges said, it's not the same rooting for Aguri as it was/is rooting for Minardi, is it?
  • Well Minardi wasn't Honda Jr..
  • Originally posted by Jello_Biafra
    Well Minardi wasn't Honda Jr..
    Rhetorical question, my good man...rhetorical question. ;)
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