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Superleague Formula

Yes, it's the jimmy dean chocolate pancake sausage on a stick of motor racing BUT maybe we could see some good racing, and there is a Minardi connection. 750hp Panoz cars should make it quick to watch. Giovanni Minardi's Milan team will have started testing today with Robert Doornbos and Jason Tahinci (go Bath Uni hehe) while GCM's protege Davide Ringon will race for Borussia Dortmund (Zackspeed). Maybe it makes for some good racing, who knows...


  • ...and as allways, I'm bound to find out. :cool:
  • There's more chance of a South African captaining the English Cricket team than there is of this thing taking off!!!!!!! Pfft...
  • First impression of the Vallelunga test: Great looking cars, nice sounding engine. Giancarlo also came to see for himself... Tredozi and his men did good: his drivers topped the chart.

    See here

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  • So what moron actually woke up one morning and decided what he was going to do that day was to combine football with open wheel racing???
  • celtic or rangers?
  • I don't see it myself - A1GP beat them to a 'high concept' four years ago. Glad to see that rabble from White Hart Lane are getting involved. I'm sure they will be equally successful with their motor cars.
  • hey i finally have the chance to see Borussia Dortmund have a go for winning the league rather than being mid-pack.

    anyone know of any television for this, at least something to watch when im bored, though i doubt it will be on any channel i get here in the states.
  • The difference between A1 and Superleague is that these car are faster. Commenting on the odd combination between footbal and Formula racing: It's a proven fact, that when you combine a new thing, and a strong brand, it takes off as a rocket. The only question is, will it stay up in the air, or go up in air...;)

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  • It will flop like Viagra!;)
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