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GP2 France

Good qualifing session for Roldan!!!:D

01- T. Glock - iSport International - 1:21.895
02- A. Zuber - iSport International - 1:21.997
03- B. Senna - Arden International - 1:22.255
04- L. Di Grassi - ART Grand Prix - 1:22.295
05- G. Pantano - Campos Racing - 1:22.441
06- Roldan Rodriguez - Minardi Piquet Sports - 1:22.536
07- P. Maldonado - Trident Racing - 1:22.551
08- A. Zaugg - Arden International - 1:22.722
09- K. Nakajima - DAMS - 1:22.756
10- N. Lapierre - DAMS - 1:22.758
11- M. Conway - Super Nova International - 1:22.796
12- M. Ammermuller - ART Grand Prix - 1:22.798
13- J. Villa - Racing Engineering - 1:22.809
14- A. Carroll - FMS International - 1:22.827
15- A. Negrao - Minardi Piquet Sports - 1:22.895
16- L. Filippi - Super Nova International - 1:22.932
17- V. Petrov - Campos Racing - 1:22.957
18- A. Soucek - DPR - 1:23.011
19- E. Viso - Racing Engineering - 1:23.028
20- B. Garcia - Durango - 1:23.031
21- S. Yamamoto - BCN Competicion - 1:23.031
22- K. Hirate - Trident Racing - 1:23.461
23- K. Chandhok - Durango - 1:23.518
24- H. Tung - BCN Competicion - 1:23.692
25- C. Bakkerud - DPR - 1:23.922
26- J. Tahinci - FMS International - 1:24.154


  • roldan has quite some talent i have to say
  • Well done Roldan. Brilliant!
  • Not just a flash in the pan either, 8th fastest in practice before that.
  • Thats good to hear. Also congrats to Massimo and the rest for 3rd and 5th in practice today.
  • Bravo; Campos doing well at last too. + good to see Adam Carroll back - Pizzonia has fallen out with FMS Fisico/Coloni team. Maybe he should have done Champ Car after all ...
  • I understand Viso has had a crash like that of Marco Campos, car rolled onto the wall... hope he's okay. :(
  • ^ Heard the same. No video's up yet.
    Hope he's ok. Too many flying cars lately :(

  • Holy shit!!!
  • that's why i love the gp2!

    Rodrigez stucked on the starting grid at the start.
    Negrao was in a good place after the restart, as i remember he was the 5th but something happened with him...

    thanks to god Viso is OK
  • One of the worst accidents i have ever seen. after Kubica in Canada this was dreadful. Yes with thanks to God and the strong chassis he is ok. Roldan stalling was a serious bummer. Negrao being unable to defend his position was just as bad. Awful day for Minardi after promising so much. ATi yes GP2 is great, I agree.
  • Viso was inches away from losing his head there. Horrible crash. Two marshals were v lucky too.

    Bad weekend for Minadi but great for Campos Racing - first win in GP2. At last!

    race 1; it was like they were all pissed; iSport 1 and 2 on the grid and they immediately drive straight into each other. How not to impress F1 team bosses. As the Eurosport commentators said, you wouldn't even see something that amatuerish in Formula Ford. Then Viso's roll, then numerous cock ups in the pits.

    + I'll say it again, a poor weekend for Minardi when they should have picked up points.

    Unlike the first seasons with Nico, Heikki and Lewis, no-one really stands out this season.
  • Roldan *did* earn a point for fastest lap in race 1.
  • Originally posted by Clown

    Holy shit!!!
    What a crash !! Incredible he just steps out like that.
  • That was pretty amazing, but I must say the front row driving into each other was comical, what were they thinking?
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