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Kimi's back

Not a great French GP (the last for the time being) but some great overtaking. Lewis battling with Kubica and Fred with Nick.

Aldo Costa's been working his magic on those red cars. V tight season. Hamilton leads Fred by 14-points going to Silverstone. See you there ...


  • Damn reds :(
  • oh, and where did Christijan get the order to go? That fuel rig man was very lucky to get away with bruising. The lollipop definitely wasn't up.
  • Thats what got me about that one.
    The lollipop didn't move an inch and he not only moves, but launches hard.

    Its almost like he accidently let go of the clutch paddle, but I can't imagine the car getting away anywhere near as cleanly as it did in such a circumstance.
  • I heard Lost boys is working on a new piece of software called the lollipop-up-blocker.

    It wasn't the lollipop man's fault. But he should just have hit him in the helmet with the lollipop. ;)

    [Edited on 2-7-07 by Stan]
  • Kimi is back, hip hip hooray!

    nice GP especially Alonso vs Heidfeld....

    Alonso is really under pressure now!
  • i agree the lollypop wasn't up... but when they turn the lollypop to "gear" the drivers must get some kind of "sprinter syndrome"
  • Good Bye Albers, its been a blast. Time for Spyker to put Van Der Garde in the car.
    Silverstone could be a wet race and if so should make great watching.
  • This is almost unbelievable but Lewis really only has to play the percentages now - just keep finishing in the top few.
  • Lewis will have his share of problems too, you'll wait and see...
  • Amazing performance yesterday by Kimi, by Massa and even by Alonso. Lewis chose a wrong strategy with tyres and with starting with few fuel, but despite the wrong day he still manage to get 6 points and to extend his fantastic podium series.
    But Kimi, although having a perfect race, did not make any surpass, and Massa gave us some thrill, but his overtakings were over Red Bulls, Super Aguris, Toyotas, Renaults, Williams.

    Yesterday it was a nice F1 day, but allow me to say that it was better when Piquet overtook Senna on track at Budapest 86, when Mansell did the same with Piquet at Silverstone 87, with Senna at Budapest 89, with Berger at Mexico 90, when Senna made 4 surpasses in one lap at Donington 93, when Prost surpassed Senna at Estoril 88......
  • Massa was tricked by the car, if not it would have been a Ferrari 1-2.
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