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USGP at Indy is a thing of the past

Indy was sooooo Mickey Mouse but for a guy like me who likes to take pics from the wrong side of the fence it was very good....plus my tickets by the podium were great for pics as well...... and the 3 day tickets were only $135.....'sigh.

Gotta get a new "home race"..... Monaco ??? Spa ??? Monza ???




  • I wonder if its something to do with Motogp signing a deal with indy for a race there in 2008. Rumours are that the last corner of the F1 course will be change to a Micket Mouse left right flip-flop cicane to slow the bikes down.

    I reckon we start a campaign to get the race moved to a proper circuit like Elkhart Lake.
  • only problem with Elkhart Lake is that it is pretty unsafe for Champ Cars and that is without the flooding that occurs there during rain showers....... plus modern F1 is ALL ABOUT taking care of the sponsors and the F1 moneymen....and that is not what Elkhart Lake is known for...at all.

    Road Atlanta and Laguna Seca have more to "offer" than E-Lake...but they have their own problems as far as safety is concerned plus Laguna Seca is way too short of a track......
  • I am well pissed!
    I am moving to Indiana in January and already had plans to see my first F1 race! Well maybe have to think about heading to Montreal instead.
  • Murph, as far as I recall there are plans to get F1 back to mexico in 2009, in a new circuit in Cancun. You could make it your homerace, provided the circuit is a real and not a mickey-mouse track, and your wife will be more than happy to have a weekend on the beach!

    As for Indy, I'm sorry as I have to say I did not dislike the track (better than Magny Cours, barcelona, Budapest and the new Nurburgring), I guess the reason of the end of the GP is that, with Dubai, Singapore, Mexico and India coming, they had to cut some race......and as usual they chose those giving less money to Bernie....
  • It'll be Vegas. Whatever he says in public, Bernie wants a race in the US.

    2005 was the beginning of the end but I won't miss
    Indy's infield.

    Happy memories of 2004 ...
  • Good riddance.
  • Vegas. Didn't the last guy to promote a race in Vegas run off with the till receipts. Watkins Glen is more realistic.
  • Watkins Glen ????

    As one who was at the Glen from 1973-1980 I can tell ya that it ain't happening. The drivers were concerned about safety standards back then, the Big $$$ Sponsors helped push the GP out of western New York because it didn't meet their needs, the F1 media hated the place as there was no way they could cover the event and this was before TV coverage of the USGP, and all the Euro-types were terrorized by "the Bog" and its "citizens".......

    There are no road courses in the states that could hold a USGP at this time without shellong out millions and millions of $$$$ for track upgrades and there is no government agency that would provide those finances.

    I do believe that Cancun will not be built...... I can see Spa being my new "home" venue......
  • I did knot know that things had got so bad at the Glen. Realistically anyone wanting to do a GP in the States has to start with a new track that has a demanding layout encompassing gradient changes. Thats got to be cheaper than modifying existing tracks to FIA standards. In addition the demands of European TV schedules means the race is best placed on an east coast circuit to gain a prime time TV slot.
    The irony is that F1 has raced at a shit track like Hungary for 20 years but no-one talks of axing that circuit.
  • Much as he sells it on the location/history, Bernie does rather well out of that race.
  • The Hungarians must have some pretty incriminating pics of Bernie to be able to keep that race!!
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