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Euro GP

Hamilton's luck seems to be changing. I'd be surprised if he's medically fit to race.


  • I'm sure he feels better after his trip to the beach ;)

    What a crazy start!
  • if, and only if, Winkelhock could pull this off in a Spyker, how mediocre would that make Hamilton look ;);)
  • Webber, finally has a change of luck.

    Kimi, can't seem to shrug of his bad luck.

    What's happened to Ferrari's reliability???

    How do you sum up Hamilton's weekend. It was all over the shop.
  • Graet Spectacle. The mind boggles about some of the strategy employed. If Pat Symmonds is such a genius with strategy why bing in Kouvalainen 4 laps before it starts to rain to go on wets that are 4s a lap slower than the opposition. They threw 4 points away.
    My God, Toyota are a shambles. If Trulli does not get points they can't rely on Ralf. Why oh why did he make 6 pit stops. They reall need to dump the corporate approach and go with pure racing management.
  • Unbelieveable race. mayham, speed and banging wheels at the front. WOW!
  • Marvellous stuff. Well done Fred and Manfred - what a year!

    Ferrari does seem to have the fastest car.

    + I can't believe the sudden gloomy stories about Lewis - the tyre blowout was hardly his fault! In the race, how many other people would have had the presence of mind to stay in the car and keep the engine going? Schumi would have done that, many wouldn't.
  • Must admit, keeping the engine running was a piece of genius. Did his mechanic tell him to do that?
  • williams again outshine Toyota, Webber almost got wobbly knees in that final turn which would have given them another podium. this takes the score to williams 18, toyota 9. I remember somebody predicting that in here and it wasn't Petroltorque :P
  • And how may races are there left to go. Lets count the points at seasons end.
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