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Baumgarter helmet help?

Hey guys,

Recently purchased a Zsolt Baumgarter 2004 Minardi helmet on ebay. After doing some research, it appears that it is the helmet from Imola to the USGP, as before that he used an Arai helmet, and afterwards, the plastic air ducts were painted metallic blue and had Golden Palace sponsoring.




If anyone has any photos of Zsolt from the USGP, itd be greatly appreciated. Itd be pretty cool piece of history if it does happen to be Zsolt's USGP P8 helmet.



  • That is AWESOME! I want one..
  • Have you tried the Autosport Archive?
  • zsolt had about 4 helmets at each race (normal practice) i doubt he would have sold his helmet and overalls from that particular race...
  • Why wouldn't he? I don't think F1 drivers are very sentimental. Especially when it comes down to helmets.

    We don't know if it was sold anyway. Maybe he gave it away to a good cause.
  • Well, after what research Ive had time to do, it looks like it was used between Imola and Indy (as stated previous), as before that he used an Arai with a bit different design, and afterwards, returned to the Arai, although similarly painted to this with a few minor design differences.

    From what USGP pics Ive found, the side stickers are in the same spot (literally are stickers not painted/clearcoated decals). Also, I found that the guy I bought it from used to work at Minardi, so possibly it was gifted or tucked away somewhere at the shop? Seller wasnt very current on it though, did not even idenify that it was Zsolt's when I bought it from him.
  • whats the name of the person you bought it from?
  • Go get 'em James.
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