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Monza GP2

race one: Roldan has only himself to blame for a stupid crash at the second chicane. A hopeless overtaking move which gets you noticed by the F1 guys and not in the right way. Xandi was third until he ballsed up a restart.

The good news: Pantano wins for Campos. Italian drivers 1 and 2 at Monza.

This season has not been as good as the previous two. For us Brits, Conway has had a shocker. He absolutely creamed F3 here but has run out of luck in GP2 - not all the crashes were his fault! Bit of a Liuzzi.


  • race two:

    Roldan started at the back as a penalty for race one. Minardi nowhere.

    Pantano is v good and has transformed Campos - great slipstreaming out of Parabolica. If you want to watch great racing, GP2 is the series. Why does F1 need a committee to work out how we get more overtaking?!

    Glock with a nice lead in the title race; Conway had more bad luck and, again, it wasn't his fault.

    Anyone going to Valencia?

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  • Bad week end for the Minardi:(
    I hope Pantano will return in F1, he is good driver. (drove the last 4 laps without fron wing!! great)
  • what happened to xandi in race 2?
  • If DiGrassi won the title it would be a travesty! Has he ever won a race in GP2?
  • very disappointing weekend after the last couple of races, the team should have come away with something but looking forward to Valencia in a couple of weeks should be a great weekend, topped of by the first win???;)
  • I think this season's been great, the usual close racing spiced up with the occasional bit of oafish driving. Minardi have just not had it all come together. They've mosttimes been a factor, usually with Roldan, but just never quite got the killer result. Too many mistakes, it's true. Learning year though, building up to a triumphant finale in Valencia, when we're all there cheering them on.
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