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Minardi/Piquet extend with Rodriguez

From "Italiaracing.net"

Minardi/Piquet signed Roldan Rodriguez for the next GP2 season. The Spaniard, who also signed as a test driver in 2007 and 2008, will be carrying on his venture with the team owned by Tancredi Pagiaro.


  • Great News. According to the autosport the team are looking to test Adam Carroll with a view to offering him a drive next season. Adam has always had budget problems but according to the article that shouldn't be an issue as the team are hoping to have a good portfolio of sponsors lined up for next year.
  • Sounds familiar ...
  • so that's the end of xandi's career?
  • Originally posted by forzaminardi
    so that's the end of xandi's career?
    When we spoke to Xandi in Valencia he was very interested in what people thought about Champ/IRL etc
  • haha, good one, I'm sure ger and murph gave him their expert opinion:P
  • hmmmmm..... I did give him my opinion.....though I wouldn't claim that I am an expert on anything.....as Mrs. Murphy can attest to ......hahahaha


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  • Originally posted by forzaminardi
    haha, good one, I'm sure ger and murph gave him their expert opinion:P
    Expert opinion? I dont think so! Saying that I watched the replay of the Oz race and couldn't say I didnt enjoy but the track layout did not lend to overtaking. I dont remember Xandi and the Champ car questions but I wonder where he will end up now.
    By the way we ought to congratulate Davide Rigon and the Minardi F3000 boys on winning both championships.
  • And, for my 500th post, Fooooorzzzzzaaaaa Minardi! champions of all Europe, and of Italy too!....(well, kind of).

    Well done by Davide, Diego, Giovanni and all the Euro3000 team.
  • Rodriguez will run for Force India. Minardi need another top driver... who?
    I like Rigon, but he will be a rookie...
  • are you sure? unless he has Heather Mills as his personal sponsor he will only be a test driver, which at least for Spyker this year, has meant absolutely nothing apart from posing at the opening press conference
  • I rode here:

    I understood Thad "full-time driver" mean race pilot... but if no other site wrote the news may be a "SOLA" (not the truth for the english people).
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