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WTF Toyota!

I saw this quote:

"We started on the 2008 car very early -- in January," Vasselon added.
Who starts next years car before the 1st race of the season. Did they know they created a monster that early?

No wonder they are nowhere...


  • I do hope Honda get their act together first. I am, of course, biased ...
  • they probably have so much staff that they can do something like that... which explains why they've been nowhere since they joined the sport in 2002
  • Viges I do believe Honda will turn around long before Toyota, Brawn has already stated he is starting out better than when he started at Ferrari.

    RJ is spot on about Toyota having too much staff, having the slow Schumacher didn't help either.
  • I also hope that Honda get their act together.

    Brawn is starting too late to make big difference early on. Hopefully mid season they will be regulars in the top 5 or 6 with the odd podium.
  • Toyota's approach was instigated by Gascoigne. He believed that one should run 2 design teams one working on the current car and one on the following year's chassis.
    It was an approach he used at Renault. It was fine when Tim Densham did the car design but a disaster when Mark Smith was responsible for the following years car.
  • Do Toyota have a 2 year deadline to get results or otherwise the plug will be pulled??

    How embarassing.
  • That is what I have heard. Quite embarrassing. With the amount of staff they have working there I doubt they are going to do much better, at least they got rid of Ralf.
  • According to jarno, the 2008 team made a good job, he says he's confident that thay'll be able to fight with BMW and renault behind Ferrari and Macca.
    I hope so, always liked Trulli and hope he can have a positive season.

    He also said that, in his opinion, Ferrari will be a second per lap faster than Macca. Unfortunately, I have the same sensation: if Clewlis has not been able to develop the car seriously 8and he hasn't proved yet that he can do it), this risks to be a very boring season.
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