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First post in the new year

C'mon guys, let's get some life into this joint again! 2008 will be this site's 10th year (if you count the very early versions). That's old in Internet years :-)


  • Sad innit it :(
  • Damn 10 years, thats crazy. It doesn't seem that long ago.

    I think most of us here are taking a little vacation time or break, I know I'm on break between semesters.
  • 10 years eh!!!! i think i was around for 8 years or so???? i am quite loyal eh!
  • neil, mate, welcome to the Euro!
  • man i wish i had the euro, the u.s. dollar blows.
  • As I said all those years ago, this infoweb will never catch on.
  • Yep, we're in the eurozone now!

    The first one of you who gets in his hand a Maltese euro coin tell me!!!
  • hmm probably after the summer when all of the people went on holiday, it took a while for the Greek and the Irish ones to find their way to Austria
  • it's not loyalty... you can disappear and return after 2 years- and nothing will have changed. Has Matt the british cook returned??;)
  • no waaaaaaaaaaaay!

    no, matt is still pissed off with the world, and Pauk Stoddart
  • Where the hell is Lease? Back in Canberra???
  • maybe he got done after his latest "puppet" show...
  • Never liked him.
  • Originally posted by forzaminardi
    no waaaaaaaaaaaay!

    no, matt is still pissed off with the world, and Pauk Stoddart
    Yup, still a bitter twisted man, last i heard he was planning on leaving the shithole that is Birmingham!

    Oh, and happy new year guys (55 days late!)

    [Edited on 24-2-08 by Minardi4eva]

  • Never liked him.
    Me neither.

    Agree that it's time to rev this joint up again. For a start, Neil has way too many posts to his name.

    The racing looks like it may become interesting, and with this site being somewhat without a cause celebre', it's time to rip into it.
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