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Moving to Angola

Exactly, guys! In late March and April, I probably won't appear much in the forum, as my company is finally (after 2 years back at the headquarters in Milan) sending me to work for 2 years for our affiliate in Luanda, Angola.

I'll be the Legal and Commercial manager, as I was in Cairo, but this time with the "label", not as a replacement.

Needless to say, although conscious of the difficulty of the place, I'm enormously excited, for the life experience, for the work experience, for the new language (Portuguese) that I'm going to learn, and, last but not least, for the fantastic holidays you can have there (Namibia, Botswana,Zambia,Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Moçambique, South Africa....).

Anyway, of course I'll have my office and my computer, so, after a short while, I'll be on line again!

If I receive in time the visa (which means tomorrow), I'll have an explorative trip there for five days (2-7 March), so in 10 days time I'll be able to give you a first impression about the place. That will be definitely different from Cairo......Then, the final moving, is set for 29-30 March.

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  • Congrats on the new opportunity! don't be too much of a stranger here.
  • apparently one of the fastest growing economies in the world, as odd as it may sound. saiba que pode falar portugues comigo tambem!
  • 'Fastest growing' is a wonderful phrase. From where are you starting?

    Well done, by the way.

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  • yeah well done for this opportunity,
    just do not forget us!
  • Congrats Manlio certainly a different place to be working, did you manage to get on the advance trip?
  • a northern african like you will feel at home:D
  • Ah, Angola. Beautiful one day, perfect the next. Or is that Queensland?
  • good luck and congrats
  • Time is coming guys, after having missed the advance trip (visa arrived too late....)on Friday I'm actually moving to Luanda.

    I'll be back to the forum as soon as I get the computer, and update you with my first impressions of the country.

    Seguro,RJ, vamos a poder reemplaçar o forum espanhol (ou o forum italiano....) com um forum portugues e practicamos juntos!
    Ate logooooooo!
  • Nossa! Voce já pode falar portugues super bem. Em Luanda sera muito facil
  • manlio, where the hell are you?
  • Don't cry for me Angola.....
    guys, been here for about 10 days now, and have had the chance to go around the city. Very chaotic, with a traffic that makes even Cairo sound quiet, but I have to say it is not bad. There is poorness, of course, but you can see a lot of activity starting (new buildings, new foreign investors coming, banks opening....)and it is a real city, with squares, some historical building, some gardens, a beautiful view over the bay, and lovely beaches (particular not to be neglected, in Angola there is the "Brazilian" beachware fashion, so you can see lots of beautiful girls wearing string tangas....which makes the place even more pleasant!).
    There is some safety issue, but you just have to be careful, Johannesburg, for what I could see, is much worse.

    As for the work, it is pretty exciting!

    Soon I hope to be able to tell you something also about the inland.....meanwhile, I can confirm my Africa is not treating me bad so far!
  • so you can't run around with a 15kt De Beers ring with matching Rolex, Brioni suit and snake leather Gucci shoes at 3am at night without running the risk of being robbed? What has the world come to!!
  • This time I'm moving to kazakhstan, not in the capital but in a village in the middle of the steppa at the northwestern border with Russia.
    London was fantastic, but the call of adventure is too strong.
    But I'll be back to london in the future, hopefully speaking Russian.
  • Jeebers!

    I like adventure and new experiences as much as the next man, but I don't fancy that!

    Stay safe, and stay warm! Oh, and stay out of the way of.........well just about everyone there. Talk about wild west (er, east), I hear you can get your Kalishnikov in designer colours there.
  • Had a buddy go to Kazakhstan on business a few years ago. According to him if you like pancakes or pizza don't bother just make it yourself your stomach and taste buds will thank you.
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