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Long Beach

Anyone besides me going?


  • how much would it set me back? the dollar's cheap...
  • just looked at the calendar, waaaay too short term ;)
  • Haha. I gave it a short thought a couple of weeks ago. A really short thought. I do hope that MotorsTV or Eurosport will show it though.
  • I am really going to miss this series. IRL is good but too many ovals is not.
    To bad that it is all finished!
  • Wish I could have gone but too many projects going on at the end of the semester not too mention my being a student and lacking that kind of disposable income.

    I agree Phil that ovals are not too great, but at least the IRL has been adding non-ovals more recently. The promoter of the Houston GP, and I believe he does Cleveland also, has talked with Tony George for next season and that could see two non-ovals added. I live in Houston so I prefer it is added since this years cancellation meant I could not see the ALMS series in town either.

    Didn't get to see all of the race but it looked like a dud for the HVM/Minardi guys.
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