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Monaco 1996

This looks as if it has 1996 potential!


  • Shame about Kimi doing a Verstappen on Sutil.

    Best race in a while though.
  • That was so sad, what a fantastic race for Adrian Sutil and what a low point for Kimi!
  • Wow, Webbers luck seems to have changed. (passed the bad luck baton to DC) Seems like it's finally changed to good.

    Even picking up some fastest laps before his pit.

    Some mediocre driving today, even taking into account the conditions.

    How the hell did clewlis win that after wacking the wall?
  • Talent?
  • Originally posted by Clown
    Shame about Kimi doing a Verstappen on Sutil.

    Best race in a while though.
    Hey what are you talking about, Jos usually was pretty good at Monaco. He never ended up in the gravel trap there ;)

    Lewis did great. I certainly hope he'll give Raikkonen a good fight the rest of the season.
  • Who was it that said 'I'd rather be lucky than good'?
    Have to agree with Roo some pretty poor driving in general. Stick a fork in Piquet 'cos he's just about done!
  • That was the kinda race when i really wish Minarid were still racing, we could have easily picked up a hatful of points there.

    Great drives from Sutil, Webber,Kovi after having to start at the back, and for me driver of the day goes to Kubica. Would have won if it hadn't have been for Clewis saying hello to the barrier/wall thus changing his strategy to (in the end) a winning one.
  • 'If' my auntie had bollocks she'd be my uncle. (K Rosberg)
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