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Photos of the 2008 Montreal Nationwide NASCAR race

Pls see link below for photos of the 2008 Nationdide (NASCAR) race in Montreal.
Its not F1 or open-wheeler; but they put on a good show and a hell of a race!


  • I thought it was a bit of a farce, seeing drivers pulling out mops while racing to clean the windshields. I should look for a pic. Poor Marcus had that race in the bag.
  • Yes ...it did look a bit funny; it seemed every driver had something stashed in their car to combat the rain and condensation in the car. Apparently it was first NASCAR sanctioned race ran in the rain.

  • According to this weeks autosport NASCAR had allowed teams to fit defogger units to the windscreens as well as wipers. According to the autosport (page 19) when MASCAR temporarily stopped the race the teams where allowed to fit the wipers and defoggers just some teams either chose not to didn't have time.
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