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Hiya, im a new member on this forum and thought i'd introduce myself, my name is Chris, im 15, from Glasgow, ever since I began to become interested in Formula 1 during the 2000 season i was aware of these 2 bright yellow cars tpuring round the tracks at the back of the pack and then saw the names Gaston Mazzacane and Marc Gene rolling along the bottom of the screen folowed by "Telefonica Minardi", ever since then ive always watched out for their results and have been a massive fan, so I thought it would be good, after reading the reviews in Autosport and Top Gear magazines to get Simon Vigar's Forza Minardi book for my birthday and discovered one of the best books ive ever read! Gripping, funny and informative, and it made me aware of this site!
Im also a big fan of other motorsports, rallying, touring cars, etc. and compete as a junior driver in grass autotests and track days. Im also a big fan of new-wave synth music, Gary Numan, John Foxx, Ultravox, Kraftwerk, etc.
I think thats just about it!:):P

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  • hiya and welcome. This place does need some fresh blood indeed!
  • Hi there Chris, welcome to this wonderful website.

    Thank you for your comments about the book, I'm delighted you enjoyed it. Best wishes with your career in motor sport.
  • hi Chris an welcome to the site. good thing your a fan of other motorsports as the Minardi name in motorsports is currently at a minimal level. Good luck with your own racing!
  • Chris, welcome. Rule 1, do not give viges a bigger head than he already has. Rule 2, call me Sir!
  • Welcome Chris. Great to have another Scotsman on the site.
  • Jeez Chris, buttering up to RJ and "the author" in your first post!!! You'll go a long way here....;)
  • Originally posted by SuperRoo
    Chris, welcome. Rule 1, do not give viges a bigger head than he already has. Rule 2, call me Sir!
    Ok will do Sir :P

    Thanks for the welcome evryone!
  • Welcome Chris,

    This used to be a very active forum and might get a new lease of life after Monza.

    Actually guys, I'm off to Italy on Friday for a 9 day holiday.

    Cheers all,
  • Enjoy Doc, I just got back from Samoa, MAGNIFICENT....
  • Welcome Chris. Good luck with the racing.
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