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Sarah Palin

For a moment I thought, this is a great choice to get Johnny into the White House. I thought McCain was great back in 2000 and him finally getting his shot at the presidency would have been good news. But then I thought again. He's 72 and could croak it while in office and then we'd have a creationist evangelical who thought that the Iraq War was "god's will" in charge of the most powerful country in the world. "Let's invade China to hasten the rapture, it's god will, now which button do I press?". That's a frigging scary prospect, isn't it?


  • yes it is scary. for those reasons and that she doesn't know what a vice president does, don't know if you have seen that video clip of her.
  • I'm not impressed. It sounds like the GOP can't get out of the Bush mould. All opinion and know idea of how little they really understand.

    Sarah Palin may have abilities, but she needs quite a few years learning about the big diverse world that exists outside of her small town experience.
  • She can see Russia from her front garden.
  • you saw that snl video as well?
  • So, here we are, the big day has arrived!!!!
    Will Obama make it?
    At this point, I would say so.
    It will definitely be a change with respect to the Bush era, and for the better. And also much better than Mc Cain (who is also 72 years old, imagine him having some problem in a couple of years and the world finding itself with Sarah Palin as US President.......)
    But somehow I am not very confident about Obama's strenght and experience, I would have preferred Hillary. It would have been a historical moment as well (a woman president would be a revolution anyway), but at the same time a family with a 20 years government experience.....plus it would have been fun to see with whom improper relationships would have occurred this time...... the chief of the Bodyguards? the Secretary of State? the White House gardener? :-)
    Let's see what happens, it will be a long day!
  • Oh what a sweet landslide victory!
    Long live Obama!
  • RJ, you know that's a different McCain than the one that ran in 2000, right? Close relatives but very different politicians. The original McCain didn't even endorse this year's. ;)
  • Ha ha good one about Berluska il cavalliere!
    I cannot keep laughing about what he said to Rasmussen!!!!
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