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how to bring back minardi

first at all, I made this thread so everyone who likes can post his/her ideas about how to bring back minardi, e.q. in formula one, maybe we can combine the ideas and they work?


  • sorry for doubleposting but I wanted to put my ideas apart from the the theme above....

    1.try to make compromise with Mateschitz: he gets money for STR but has to stay/become as a sponsor, so we get the STR3
    2.still think Harry Muermans would still support PS as sponsor
    3.Renunite PS with GCM so we could get Beta, allegrini and OMP who have supported minardi very long during the f1-past
    4.get one driver with much sponsors, e.q. Roldan Rodriguez(also he was in Minardi GP2 and F3000), maybe telefonica would make a comeback
    5.keep bourdais so we can get support from US-companies and maybe from France
    6.try to keep the ferrari-engine-deal
    7.maybe Fisichella or Campos could help out with talented drivers who got a nice sponsorship
    8.tyres should not be the problem
    9.run the STR3 as soon as possible and try to get it fit with the 2009-reglement which influences the cars aerodynamic.
  • Well, you can't stop people from dreaming, can you!

    Dontstop, I read somewhere recently that Mr Minardi still has some debtts from his F1 days so, the first thing you need to do is get someone to pay them out for him.
  • Yes, the reality is you need huge amounts of money just to qualify at the back (see Mallya and Mateschitz). Minardi's 'business model' circa 1985 was out of date by the early 90s, to paraphrase Aldo Costa.
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