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Fuji Fred

The boy is back in town - gotta love him.

Lewis overheated in the first corner but most of us would do the same! He still has to be favourite.


  • I'm not so sure, yes he has the ppoints lead but if he races like that everytime he's put under pressure he'll blow it .....again.
    Massa has gone up in my estimation. Punting Clewlis has laid down a marker that he'll be no pushover.
  • I rather see Lewis' risky driving style than Massa's lead-from-beginning-to-end racing.

    When I saw Alonso this weekend I suddenly remembered why I used to be cheering for him. But when I read this pitpass article I start doubting again.
  • Wouldn't you support Massa if you were treated the same way by Mclaren and Hamilton?

    Isn't Hamilton's wins mainly lead from beginning to end?
  • With Kubica only 12 points behind the lead I'm pulling for him for the upset.
  • Originally posted by Minardifan2002
    Wouldn't you support Massa if you were treated the same way by Mclaren and Hamilton?
    I don't think it's very classy of him to make an unsportmanslike remark like this.
    Isn't Hamilton's wins mainly lead from beginning to end?
    My point was that I ten times rather watch someone who dares to overtake than someone who drives in a calculated way.

    [Edited on 13-10-08 by Stan]
  • Didn't really answer my question as Hamilton seems to rarely pass anyone.

    True about Alonso. but then again most of the drivers have said something unsportmanlike especially hamilton.
  • Spot on 2002, what Hamilton calling some of his fellow drivers "back of the grid monkeys".

    Stan, have a look at another article on pitpass dated 11 Oct, titled, "Kubica critical of Hamilton's methods".

    Don't get me wrong, there is no denying the boy's talent, but he can start acting like this when he's won 3-4 WDC's.

    Until then, the rest of the world just think's he a dickhead.
  • And even then people would think he's a dickhead: didn't we think that of M$ when he did something unsportsmanlike, despite he was 7 times WC? And didn't we think the same about Senna when he punched Irvine in Suzuka'93, despite he was 3 times WC.

    This said, I think Clewlis will be WC this year, and he deserves it.
    In Fuji Ferdy showed he's still probably the best of the lot, a capability of "reading" the races and a determination that really remind you of Alain Prost, and a psychological solidity and risk-taking talent that remind of Nelson Piquet.
    Kimi reminds me more and more of Mansell, a bit weak psychologically, annervingly passive in the bad days, simply unbeatable, and capable of giving fantastic emotions, in the good days.

    Clewlis still lacks experience in strategy, and goes too much under pressure when the moment is important, but still, for his age, he's simplyu amazing, he's got the potential to be a new M$.

    Massa.....in my opinion is a bit better than DC, perhaps he could be compared to a Damon Hill....good, very good, but the other three are on a different level.
  • Yes, Alonso is the real deal. We also forget how young Lewis is. He cannot be criticised for trying to overtake and fighting like Hell - that is how he got to F1 as quickly as he did - ditto Kimi and Fred. All three have had to fight like Hell to get there, none of them are from moneyed families; same as Schumi.
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