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Hamilton the new Villeneuve?!

yeah, you read it right...the career of Lewis Hamilton so far rembers me of Jaqcues Villeneuve. here are the facts:
Villeneuve started his F1 career at Williams in 1996. In this very first year he also fought against his teammate(Damon Hill) for the championship. Hill also(like Alonso) left his team after this year and showed his abilities in the 1997 Arrows(a second place and a pole). Villeneuve got the championship also in his second season in the last race (at that time it was in Jerez).
After two successful years (1996&97) Williams somehow become weak and they are still somewhere but not at the top.
And I believe this will also happen to McLaren and Hamilton.


  • I think you could be right there. Seeing how much trouble Hamilton had to finally take the championship, makes me wonder if he'll ever win it again. He's great at mixing brilliant races with disappointing ones.
  • We can only hope that he leaves F1 to try to break into NASCAR and the record industry.
  • my my, it's lemonjello... how are you buddy?
  • I see it very difficult to happen: Villeneuve, after the negative 1998 with Williams, made the decision to go to Bar in order to start a new team (he was one of the stakeholders as well, with his manager Craig Pollock), to achieve the dream to win the championship on his own car....we all know how things went, and his career was f...ed. If he chose to stay with the establishment, he could have gone to McLaren, at some point, to join Hakkinen, and he would have remained competitive.

    But Jacques had a special mind, he was quite a "freelance" (even though Bernie brought him first to F1 in 1996).
    Clewlis, instead, is a Ron Dennis creature, I can hardly see him moving away from McLaren in the next years.
    And now that he's won the championship, he'll probably drive much more relaxed and, with the experience, learn how to make less mistakes.
    Considering he'll be just 24 next year, it's difficult to say he'll never win again.

    Honestly speaking, I think we'll see great seasons in the next years, with Alonso, Raikkonen, Massa, Hamilton, Vettel, Rosberg, Bourdais (let's not underrate him), Button (if he regains motivation), Kubica, Heidfeld.....looks like the marvellous generation of the '80's is back.....

    BTW, Jello, welcome back, we hope to see you often again in the forum!
  • Hi guys. Doing fine. Watched a lot of MotoGP season but did catch the F1 finale. Who'd have thought that the most exciting pass of the season would be done on a wet circuit going around a car on dry rubber. ;)
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