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ITV's fantastic montage

Bye-bye ITV, sorry to see you go.

The Greatest Show on Earth.


  • Oh come on now Simon lad, you surely cannot be serious?

    James " Lewis will you marry me, oooops another f**ked up commentary" Allan

    Louise "ask the obvious questions but not the questions the viewers really want answering" Goodman

    And just as something is about to happen - ADVERTS!!!

    I'll be welcoming BBC with open arms.
  • was about to give a reply along the lines of 4eva but then i saw the video... seriously, how cool is that?
  • btw what's the love affair of ITV with toothy "germanophones"? They love Wurz and Vettel :-)
  • Both are Anglophiles. Vettel likes British comedy which just goes to prove some Krauts do have a sense of humour.

    4Eva - you're probably too young to remember how pitiful F1 coverage was on the BBC. No qualifying for a start. ITV revolutionised F1 coverage and not just in the UK. OK, the adverts were an irritant but commercial broadcasters don't have the luxury of a compulsory poll tax on the population, aka the licence fee. I would add that its highly questionable why the BBC sees fit to put £150m of licence fee revenues into Bernie's pocket. Shouldn't the Beeb concentrate on cheaper sports with bigger audiences? (football, rugby, cricket, golf)
  • and another thing ...

    Poor ITV did 12 years of F1 without a British world champion - until the last race.
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