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Force India for Mercedes Engines

Just on Reuters: Force India will go for Mercedes engines, dropping its Ferrari power


  • Reminds me of when Spyker ditched Toyota for Ferrari. Will probably have the same impact on performance as well.
  • Is it just engines, at one point they were talking complete drivetrain?
  • What was Force India's stance on customer cars????

    This deal is not short of a customer car. Hell they even have McLaren management and possibly drivers!!!

    Looks like a duck. quacks like a duck....
  • AFAIK know its just the engine, gearbox, drivetrain with associated KERS. They still have to do their own aero and weight distribution and wheelbase. Mind you having the rear end ready made with the suspension attached there is not a lot left to design. One presumes Merc will tell them what's the optimum wheelbase and weight distribution for the package.
    I don't think FI wnat to go completely down the customer route as they accepted $4 million from STR to drop their case against customer cars
  • $4 million? Drop in the bucket. How silly.
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