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Is it just me, or is the new Ferrari less ugly than the other cars unveiled so far?


  • I thought the same thing. After seeing the fugly BMW, it looked like we were going to have a grid of lego racers. At least TOIT has a nice shape to it. The rear wing is ugly, but that will be the case for the whole grid.
  • It still looks like a pedal car
  • The early BMW was bad, can they fix the looks with the new car is my question, the new Ferrari is better looking than the BMW, and I like the new Toyota more than the Ferrari. Though I still think the cars are ugly, lets just hope that passing ability redeems these cars for their horrific looks.
  • Hear, hear.

  • Hear, hear
    Rather a unique concept for a journalist.......wot?
  • The new Williams is not too bad-looking either, and the livery is quite good as well (even though it is still subject to change).
    But I agree with Telstar, if we see more overtakings, we'll soon forget the bad look.
    Moreover, F1 cars have to be racing beasts, not "beautiful" according to the classic canons of beauty. '70's cars were often horrible looking, but people loved them.
    It is true that this 2009 F1 look is not only bad, but also "go-kart-like", but let's wait for the first races!
  • Anyone know what happened to Mclaren's complaint about the Ferrari's exhaust?
  • Not just Norbert. BMW and Toyo also raised their eyebrows. Now others are questioning Williams and the Toyo diffuser. I think their will be alot of questions this year as to who has done what.
  • According to a "Ferrari Spokesman" the exhaust that others are complaining about is an interim set-up it will not be on the car in Oz in that configuration.
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