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TOIT Getting Sponsorship From God?


  • Because they didn't want to lose a fan like Lease:hehe:;)
  • Salvo, quia tu es Petrus
  • LOL

    Yuo better check this one out http://www.planetf1.com/news/story_17675.shtml

    Poor grandpa will have his head blasted in flames like a Mercedes engine. Since I'm completely antireligious then why not get him for a ride in Minardi's twoseater!
    Thunder in the old people's home! Rock the geriatrics!:hehe:
  • I'm sending the Swiss Guard to your house ...you know just to pay you a visit.
  • That is gonna be one wierd TOIT. I don't see how the Pope could get into a F1 car or sit in the same position as an F1 driver. He would probably break something of his trying to get into a normal F1 car.
  • I'm sending the Swiss Guard to your house ...you know just to pay you a visit.
    You sinner, be a good christian like Ned Flanders :spank:
    Telstar you're so right. I guess he can brake into pieces like when Mr. Burns goes to Lisa's wedding in the future and Smithers try to sit him.
    Maybe Todt's Kung Fu chic can teach him how to flex his legs, coming soon the John Paul's Breakdance Tour:hehe:
  • Yokko, Yoko, Yoko, I am a Roman Catholic, not a Christian.
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