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Brawn, where did they come from?

Seriously, from C class team in 2008 to royal flush in the first race of 2009, where did it come from?


  • A seriously smart man with a seriously cute interpretation of the new regs. Ross has been able to show his class.
  • That's 15 months of working their asses off on a new car instead of fighting for a championship.
  • Yeah incredible, Brawn seems to have a wonderful car and has serious tactical capabilities.
    We still have to see how the Court of Appeal decides but I am not seeing it stripping Brawn of today's win or next week's (probably he will win again!)
  • Who knows how Minardi would have placed today??????
    Minardi always had good cars
  • I believe they've already said that any rule changes won't be retroactive.
  • I wonder what the Honda board must be feeling like?
  • Gutted! But in fairness to Japan, they did keep the factory open over the past few months while a buyer was sought.
  • Originally posted by forzaminardi Brawn, where did they come from?
    Over there :P
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